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Make a Memory



Over and over the songs play away
Capturing these moments that make a memory
Before it can be hoisted to the long-term
Making sure that it won't be forgotten
Something that holds a reason
The light that goes on inside
It marks all the senses that are there
Letting go the ones that make no impression
As the locks are fastened onto the chest
Ripping the cords that make the connection
A storage of sorts in the plastic mind
Shaping out the grey area into the form
Gaining another change is another deformation
Running all together when senses are too alert
It is senseless to keep them
Forgetting so many things
Remembering so little.
It was all kept never the less
Trying to be of some value
The songs keep going,
Whether they are heard or not.

She Had a Dream



What was that dream all about?
She wants to tell everybody what has happened.
What do they think of her?
What is it she thinks of herself?
Touching things that touch her,
These other vibrations move about her,
Currents of swift force and electric warmth,
Her senses out here are sharper than her flesh.
Eyes that can see better when closed.
Can she figure it out on her own?
What is it she wants to know?
She can hear us think and we shut it all down,
Shut it all down.
You have heard nothing from me.
Closed off the channel
Now I am left quiet again.
Just when I thought I was alone,
I heard her crying