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Giulia Gualco-Nelson


San Francisco, CA, US

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Angel In Hiding


Giulia Gualco-Nelson

Angel in hiding,
Not daring to look
At was has happened
At what has been took.
The tears and the hate,
The crying out in pain
We call ourselves humans
Yet down on us it always seems to rain.

Do you dare look,
At what has happened to us
Where are those times we so miss
The times we were all in a bliss
And nobody thought twice
That what was doomed for us isn't nice?

I believe though we will pull through
And times will improve for me and you
And everything will change for the better
Our cheeks will no longer be wetter.

How can it be
That when everything is just peachy
Ironically it just slaps us in the face
Angel in hiding,
Oh where oh where
Hear my prayer
And come out from your refuge,
The one we don't have,
And look around from place to place,
And bless the world with your grace.