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Henry Gross


East Northport, NY, US

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Henry Gross

A collaborative poem by Henry Gross (12) and Jacqueline Vigliotti (28). The rhyme and metre of our poem mirrors the first stanza in Matthew Arnold’s "Dover Beach".

heartbeat matching sound; I look,
I can’t stop tapping, I look at the clock.
TICK-TOCK the clock is really annoying.
Time is not on my side; time is not my friend.
To keep myself busy, I read my book,
link words and meaning ‘till the end.
It feels like the clock is cloying;
hourglass of sand like honey.
It seems like it could be an endless time.
Restless and tired, destroying
this clock, it is now my sworn enemy!
So angry, behind my sand drawn line.
Clock’s forever are my enemy!