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Jessica Erin Griffin


Arlington, TX, US

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Jessica Erin Griffin

My flower is blooming, blooming for you.
My love is strongly shining through.

Your flower is blooming, blooming for me,
Something wonderful I did not see.

This flower that makes life complete
or gives us that special treat,

Is the flower of love and all man kind,
And I'm happy to say that flower is mine.

Happily Ever After


Jessica Erin Griffin

My love for you grows stronger and stronger,
The days without you seem longer and longer.

I miss you so much I can't describe,
It hurts so much, I could almost die.

Your love for me is visibly seen.
At least thats the way that it seems.

"I love you", three words too hard to say,
But I can say I love you anyday.

I'm proud of you and I support you,
I'll be beside you in whatever you do.

That's what love is all about,
And I know I love you without a doubt.

So tell me you'll wait, and wait, and wait,
and our love for eachother is simply fate.

Because no matter the time, I'll always be here,
Waiting, alone, for you to appear.

And then when you do, it will fill my heart with laughter,
Then we'll know we'll live happily ever after.



Jessica Erin Griffin

Just hope for tomorrow,
eventually it will come.

Just hope for love,
and you'll soon find some.

Just remember the times,
and they'll come back.

Just hope for memories,
and that you will not lack.

Just hold onto life,
and it will hold on too.

Just hope for answers,
and the questions will fall through.

And if everybody could just remember these few things,
maybe then they would enjoy the gifts that life brings.

My Heart


Jessica Erin Griffin

My heart is made if stone;
No one can get into it except you and you alone.

My heart is made of gold;
And to you, my heart has been sold.

My heart is made of steel,
But these feelings I feel are for real.

My heart is made if rock;
It could never be broken, or so I thought.

And of all the things that my heart is made of,
It is full of you, the man that I love.

The Wood


Jessica Erin Griffin

The wood works so hard to keep looking new and pretty for it's master,
But late at night the rain gets it.

It soaks up as much rain as it can,
then it just lets go - then everything gets wet.

I guess nobody ever realizes how hard everything works to keep the earth

Are we sure we're doing our part?

That's our job, and with a job unfullfilled, the earth won't go around.