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Robert Gresak


Durban, Natal, South Africa

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The Rising Torch


Robert Gresak

The banners of the army of light
have everywhere been unfurled
the spirit of freedom, justice and goodwill
is racing around the world.
The malignant powers can no longer hide
as the power for good gathers force
and will not be denied.

All over the Earth rage the storms of conflict
as evil strives light and good to evict
everywhere is chaos, destruction and conflagration,
ugliness, violence and hatred in every nation.
Negative forces are rampant and their goals
are ever the capture of mens souls./

Vast numbers arise in vehement protest
voicing their frustrations in an ocean of unrest./
I tell you, humanity is on the march
holding aloft truth,justice and beauty's torch./
The choking smoke and fire of many a battle still lies ahead
but the great numbers of thirsty souls
will be freedom led ./