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Adria Gregory


Evansville, IN, US

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Come to Me


Adria Gregory

There are somedays I feel alone
All I want to do is cry
And whither up inside
I want to fade away and die.

Why must humans feel that way
To fill your head with hate
You want to kill the world,
Or reach your final fate

How can I help myself
From being torn apart
From the world and its surroundings
How come I'm not that smart?

I want to learn to help myself
Before it is to late
From breaking down and loosing ground
My heart is filled with hate

My body's cold, my heart is black
I want to learn to love
I'm torn between the world of life
All I need is a loving shove

I need help from a caring hand
To bring me back from Hell
The angels are surrounding me
They are bringing me out of my shell

Maybe I can learn to love
And my heart will then turn pure,
But I need help from hating you
And my life will then be sure.



Adria Gregory

Time heals your heart
Time heals the pain
Inside you feel lonely
Outside tears fall like rain.

If you wait for the sun,
If you wait for the light,
Time can heal the hurt,
Time can help you fight.

You will forget someday
That it was love that we weaved
But the hurt will be gone,
Because time did it's deed.

seth is a dork


Adria Gregory

seth is a dork he eats to much pork he likes tom york
dont know why he is my bro if i could change it i would for sho'he smells like bacon grease.damnit take a shower