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Lee Greenwood


Saskatoon, SA, CA

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Lee Greenwood

If you lose it, is there anyway of getting it back?
theres all those doubts from the past which come and attack
you look into each others eyes and say its going to be alright
when suddenly your apart and for no reason theres a fight

you always hear love conquers all
then why do they continuessly fall?
voices around you try to lead you in another direction
but you can never find that true, personal affection

you both feel it which is why you end up in each others arms
but what can you change, rules, time, maybe alot of charms
is it right this time, have they found the right gimmick
or is going to come back like the past and just mimic

when one gives it their all to make it work, like the other before
the other seems distant thinking they know whats instore
Loves a trial Loves a battle trying to find peace
when you win you hearts seems to never cease
all that would remain is a new person made from two
but to make this happen what do you do?

I know itll work i believe in it more than life itself
its impossible to forget and just put it on the shelf
shes in my thoughts my dreams my heart and soul
the answer seems so simple but the question takes on a bigger toll.