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Jennifer Greenbaum


Yonkers, NY, US

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Jennifer Greenbaum

At first we had to say goodbye,
knowing that we will just say hello...
Waiting, almost feeling alone, even though
we were in a room filled of sorrows.
Counting down the hours as you just lay
comfortably taking a nap of joy.
Are eyes gleamed of nothing but a war?
that meant nothing to us...
The clock on the wall continued to tick
as my heart beat stayed in one place.
Thinking of thoughts to say,
when the words come out they make no sense...
Trying to find meaning and reasons to live
if you were gone
but everything seemed to just fall apart.
As we look out in to the distance,
a man of honor came to tell us
now only half the mission has been finished!
Again the waiting process begins,
this time we were told the battle is almost over.
the man of honor enters again
the mission is complete!
Now a new waiting process has begun
this one is for the better!
The wall begins to ring a calling we can answer to!
My words have formed sentences,
my legs have found movement...
We walk into the room
there you lay,
filled with a GLOW!

Constant Love


Jennifer Greenbaum

Constantly entertained by the thought of your love
Never second-guess whether truth is involved
Put in front are pieces of imaginary ideas
Brought together by exchanging our minds without words
Trying to remember how my heart worked alone
The power of two makes it beat that much faster
Interchanging fluids of passion through our nerves
Our bodies intertwine as our souls find heaven
Trying to take a step back to see a love so pure
Mistakes may be made but put aside and forgotten
Honesty is given so no lies are ever hidden
Individually we think but together we answer
A love so real has made me never want to let you go