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Annie Green


Hopatcong, NJ, US

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Annie Green

The town's dollhouse's slept sideways on the left, by the white chipping metal bridge, over the copper streams, along the tired naked trees, that screamed for someone to come and help the people up on the mound.

A walk along a parking lot
grass sodding the side
I hear a voice from up the hill
that calls far and wide

"Come follow ME!
Praise our sweet Jesus,
for he loves us,
and he pleases us!"

The hill is steep
and curious to this religious shout
I struggle pass the lot
and crawl all about

On my hands and knees
the stench begins to illuminate
redder upon my breath
the smell of defecate

All around
fecal, rot, slaughter,
bloody piles
and a butchered daughter

The preacher calls nearer,
"Hallelujah today!"
My hands stabs into wetness
a pool of blood and decay

and the call of this preacher
rose to a yelp
then suddenly I heard
the call of a human "HELP!"

Genocide, a new holocaust!
Mangled, tortured, bloody trails
and I heard the preacher
Now close, and clear as bells!

"Glory to Jesus!
Hail ME!
Praise be Mary,
come follow ME!"

More piles upon piles
entrails in heaps
hands detached from arms
and legs detached from feet

Shoulders dislocated
with elbows touching ears
I vomited and vomited
up all of my fears

The followers? Like the dead
like their brains disappeared
all gazing and praising
ears open, eyes queer

To this sick follower
whose hair was all white
It was long and stringy
and was a short skinny sight

But he made them believe
that HE was the one to praise
not Christ, not God
not the resurrection to raise

And in this following left corpses upon the mound, the ones the trees all warned to the people, who drove past the town.