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Paul Greed


Seoul, Korea

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Walk Home


Paul Greed

Evening, Summer, shards of light
That play by day and rest at night.
You skip towards your sleeping place
But on the way you kiss my face.
A thousand feelings you awake
My soul to tug, my heart to break.
Those ecstasies I can`t quite reach
As life steps back into the breach.
Just one glimpse before you leave
Your magic, somewhere else to weave.
Bestow on others of this tribe
Feelings that we can`t describe.

To Whom I Miss


Paul Greed

I remember our first moment together.
I could not help to wonder if it was by chance.
I long to hold and caress you forever.
My heart, you stole with our first dance.
Your smile melted the coldness of my heart.
Every breath I took was for you.
I could not stand to be apart.
Life was meant for you and I, which makes two.
Just when I learned to love you.
It all came to a sudden end.
Our moments we shared were too few.
Now, I will never see you again.
It was by chance that our paths crossed.
Now, our road has come to an end.
If only I could have told you goodbye.
If only I could hold you again.
As I look down at you.
Lying there with a sad look of peace.
I could only wish that it was me instead.
I know you can no longer hear me but.......
I love you.