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Sara Gray


Columbus, United States, Ohio

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Eternal nightmare


Sara Gray

Its Happened again
its all coming back
Please dont let it
take me back to that

I dont want to go back
to the darkness
now that i am pinnally free
why wont it just let me be
cause cold and sharp is all it is to me

Iam happy now
please dont take it away
i have finnally learned how to
deal with it another way

I know what happens
when it comes back to me
and the whole time its here
it takes over me

Mommy please help me
daddy im sorry
i whant you to save me
and to hold me tightly

protect me and be my sheild
right now i whant my life
to be real

I whant this to be reality
i want to be able to feel
so please mommy help me
please daddy care
please wake me up from this
eternal nightmare