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Shera Gray


Greenbrierr, TN, US

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The Lost One


Shera Gray

Why'd you hurt me?
Why'd you leave?
I feel diseased,
What's wrong with me?
This Bitch has lost her will to live.
She'll take the gun and kill herself.
There's no one here to keep her safe,
to help her fight...
to play her games.
She's left alone with her darkened soul.
She's left to plot her final downfall.
She wants to feel,
She wants to breathe,
She wants to love,
But lost is she.
You left her there to be alone.
She's killed herself for fear of time.
Now hold her body,
as she grows cold.
She loved you but she lost her mind.
Now bury her,
and on her grave put:
"My beautiful girl and her angel ways."