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Jordan Christopher Gray


New Philadelphia, OH, US

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We Don't Last Forever, But Friendships Do


Jordan Christopher Gray

"Sitting in the dark,
alone and worried;
I wish I had someone to talk to.
I really need you now,
more than ever,please help me,
I need your help;
I want a friend right now,
one who cares about how I feel,
one who cares,
one who cares about
I call upon you, you are like my sister,we will never be apart,
we will be friends
and friends will always be there when they are needed,

"and time passes,breathes are shortened,
in this turn of events;
it feels as if a friend
of yours is lost; you try to do everything in your power;
to have your friendship unharmed,
Please don't leave, I need you,
Friends are here, friends come
and friends go, but we will
always be friend;
nothing can become us and
our future to behold.
Friends last forever,
dreams last forever, hopes last forever, you don't;
Don't do anything to mess it up"