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M Robert Gray


Dracut, MA, US

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A World Without Doves


M Robert Gray

I went to her again last night.
Caught a glimpse of the passion burning inside.
Sipping on the lemonade that she had made.
Swimming in the pool of her radiance.
I sat there believing i could breath her in, but it was
An intoxicating irrelevance shimmering in the silence
Of the desire to be as one with her.
After the separation of the perception and the reality of
The truth,
We both seemed frozen,as the smoldering smoke floated
Above the burning illusion.

In the morning I awoke from the dream.
To find that the world was once again bordered in black
seams of the black tar of malice and deception.
A plague that poisons the well of life and sours the soil
to extreme bitterness,that not a single seed will grow.
A world without flowers
A world filled with clouds
A world without doves.