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Thomas Granger


Campbell River, BC, CA

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Thomas Granger

Ambrosia sings its subtleties, nectar of the gods
Bringing with all certainty the need to face the odds
The odds always being one more chance that I can get
A piece of your tranquillity, the peace I can't forget

Surprising to remember realms of supple, calming waves
I go, conscious undaunted, all of that Love saves
but drag along those memories of the times I went astray
Sometimes when I dream, I dream my sorrows fade away

I picture in a forest rows of massive, towering trees
Bowing down to welcome me to enter as I please
Relax into another world of temporary bliss
and slip away with only dark to make me feel like this

The whistle blows and then I stop my forward steps in life
Together with divided thoughts about my long, lost wife
but in essence of the last part, forever will I stand
The one not in attendance for someone to understand

As night-time drifts off willingly into another rise
Of the sunlight that so brilliantly reflects within your eyes
Someday I will wander into likes that I've not seen
Taken with my every thought to everywhere I've been



Thomas Granger

Thunderously catapulting, clear beneath blue sky
Attributing completely to my wants
Enormous hoards of insects swarm around that one bar fly
See her smile like that, she plainly taunts

Wish I could say something to change the matter, fact
I do these tricks supporting your conquests
As you well can see it is not I who'll need to act
Apparent to this fact the Lion rests

Dreaming of the day when he might sleep the hours away
Without any notion on his mind
Of pain that seems to haunt his thoughts, of others gone astray
Masked the true devotion to be kind

Lying still in silence, waiting for the proper chance
Left to picture moonbeams in the stars
Dreaming of a day before when unlocked he could dance
Before the cold embrace of these steel bars

Entrapped within my psyche I am lost with nothing more
Hardly but a gift never received
Remembering the sunlight of the days so long before
Knowing there's a time we all believed



Thomas Granger

I've given you most of everything when nothing would suffice
Taking you've got leaving in control
Recount the only number to make sure it isn't twice
Positive the plug is in the hole

Hope is in the picture, between yes and no, and right
Somewhere in the middle of goodbye
Though on the outer edges all the memories reunite
I realize I frivolously retry

Them, the screaming voices chant the songs of yesterday
The sounds of Love I try, but can't forget
I hurt so much inside the feeling outside's slipped away
I realign my heart you leave upset

It doesn't matter anyway, not one little bit
Not to be on anybody's list
If I could be happy I would find a way to quit
Sadness where nobody could have missed

I take the better part of that which keeps you in arrears
Owing all my pleasures to demand
Loving for no reason over countless, losing years
Burying my pain beneath the sand



Thomas Granger

The nights go by so quickly now, the days they break and set
Though, really what I need this time is never to forget
I have a kind of problem that no energy can form
The words that perhaps make you see I'm lost within this storm

Possibly the sky will fall and leave eternal black
There has to be a way, somehow that I can get you back
Gone, forever promised not to let the same mistakes
Nor take the same repulsion that we all know who takes

Forbidden to be anywhere without myself to blame
It seems almost something like that, though it's really not the same
I don't know if I can show you that what I say is true
You may as well just trust me here that I don't have a clue

Remembering the times before there was nothing to stop
Me from making my own way back up to the top
Of a mountain left in turmoil, of a heap of warn-out needs
Trying to please this monster my unpleasant karma feeds

With anymore to squander I would have to take my leave
All in that one second I could make someone believe
If I only had one word to say to last until the dawn
I'd say it, for it is no good if I don't carry on



Thomas Granger

If you are you can count me out, don't want to be someone
Who goes because everyone else drifts off in a stun
It is sorely missing what that was ever will surmise
With all the things I make of you, you come as no surprise

I've seen a soul or two before, I hardly take the steam
Like you they come in search for ways in me they can redeem
Any little part of all the secrets that they keep
Locked away until they find that my heart peers so deep

Then riddles by the pages come in forms I do not speak
Arriving here on borrowed time, delivered by mystique
To build a shining platform, which to place my only power
Proving, one to many I grow wiser by the hour

Forgive my utmost flagrancy onto of this I sew
Morsels of my memories, tangent of all I know
Though I know so little of it, it remains to be the part
Of the parts that stir to touch me where I'm tender in my heart

More-so toss my tattered self back, outside the door
Don't want to come, but need to come just like it was before
There isn't any other way for me to do the things I need
To let go of my feelings my thoughts must first be freed



Thomas Granger

Tomorrow's gone already, the next day's almost there
Taken, much as yesterday, not into anywhere
Lost like here or never, sometime keeps its own appeal
Waiting for the next time when there's something left to feel

Haven't held the promise that having needs to hold
Left the heart for leaving losing feelings that grow old
Looking for the answers that lay hidden where they land
Trapped within the pages are the words to understand

Ripped from the caresses, growing tiered about the flame
Burning from the very start the fire is much to blame
Remaining only ashes where there once existed youth
It doesn't matter anyway, it was right to know the truth

Forever time will plunder into volumes of deceit
Brought back to remember the reward of incomplete
Whenever there is sunshine there always be some more
Clouds that keep on raining rain through tears that seem to pour

As sunlight meets the water, hear a teardrop hit the sky
and wonder of the prospects being reason not to cry
but rejoice in the memory that single droplet made
Sending it forever into where the sunshine stayed



Thomas Granger

I'm pointing towards a process uniquely solitaire
It runs around not being possible
Anything I'm looking at, struggling to compare
Image that they are compatible

"Ah-ha!", not likely desiring these parts they trail along
Even if they're coming from within
Admiring the illusion, sensations coming on so strong
I wait for when I stop and we begin

My torrents rush beneath myself, roaring out your name
Or I think it may be yours, but I don't know
Calling to the echo that ignores me just the same
As you, and now you see it's time to go

A heart that has been trampled by every single foot
Inches from being in repair
Miles from anywhere, in my trust I can put
Competing is for those guys over there

Ending up forgotten, with nowhere in my mind
To place my final teardrops from the start
Looking for the pages, unfilled spaces trying to find
To heal these broken feelings in my heart



Thomas Granger

Breathe in the air of springtime, long-time making an excuse
To stay and watch the sunshine fade away and night let loose
A myriad of colours mix to lessen years of pain
Another blue horizon stretching out for day again

A smidgen of dementia overwhelms me abruptly
My heart begins to pound, I've found its pounding all for me
Been to be the only one to stand for me alone
That is the way I end, beginning that I can't postpone

An ambience of magnitudes suppressed beyond the light
Allowing space to separate these forms it will excite
My mind into being anywhere I do not want to be
We can't expect that anything could compare to being free

A slight existing manifold exhausting burning waste
Streaming on the edge of time, a heart that Love replaced
With tragedy and turmoil letting never now impose
Onto my small existence, making you and I oppose

I dream of my dilemma going on through light to dark
Hoping there's enough time to ignite this dying spark
But know that in the end I will suppress the flaming fire
and find the raining storm cloud with my lightning of desire



Thomas Granger

Swirling around in my memory
Lost, not apparent to thought
Are all the parts to this story
Whether you see them or not

Built from a jumble of echoes
Taken from the last time I speak
Collected together with sorrows
A beautiful thing, this mystique

Never a penitent moment
Left for the body to say
Asking if I have your consent
What giving me would take away

Showing the ending is out there
Caught in the glory of this
I'm not going, soon, anywhere
So there's nothing I'm going to miss

But I do keep my thoughts in the distance
It's better to make it like that
With only Love and persistence
Can you be friends with my cat

Still, I don't know where I travel
I can't find the triumph in life
Wandering my mind in marvel
Unreachable things, like my wife

Closing of the final curtain
Dreams of the voices I've heard
Not knowing, for sure, for certain
Seeing it comes from the word



Thomas Granger

Join me for a peaceful sail, in waters set the breeze
Leave your pain and anguish far behind
They ask you to ignore me, but I'm begging you, to please
To listen to the sounds within your mind

The current brings back memories of a course I once had set
Bitter stands a man with no repute
Know that in the distance all the parts I can't forget
Which often I consider absolute

An instant of confusion could displace the very spot
Where finding these few feelings might provoke
You into believing there was something, when there's not
Even though they are not laughing, it's a joke

I laugh and cry simultaneously, emotionally overflow
To the brink of breakdown I collapse
More being inside of me, I feel it so I know
Through my sub-conscience it will lapse

Going 'round in circles, I let my errors be
Mattering less as I go on
Answering my query may not only set you free
May send this ship off, into the dawn



Thomas Granger

Sorrow might have only taken everything I ever like
I still keep some warmth, although the cold just seemed to spike
But it does not change the weather, that which only time will do
My heart's designed for pleasure and believes you if you're true

Made of broken fragments, torn and shredded on the floor
From you and all the others, I don't want hurt anymore
Collect me in a heap of dust, a man who once was wild
I throw away games you play, no longer exist as a child

The memories of a day before my life was not betrayed
Take me down this barren trail, warn by those who've strayed
Apart from all the wanderers who stay within the mass
Without a soul to guide my way, my pain may never pass

I keep it, for my aura does not permit the chance
For my company to approve of me, in-spite my circumstance
So regardless of the ridicule I'm feeling in the air
No worry of tomorrow, it's today you need to care

As we're on the subject of my aura, in the turn
It detects the only ones who would my Love so likely burn
To give them a small part of me, the part that can't be scorn
It's not my difficulty, I've been here since I was born

To relieve you of the wonder, I will stay, protect the light
In the dank, cold of the darkness, where the flames will not ignite
Any, last, flammable emotions that I keep
So finally, in the future I can drift off, back to sleep

Some Guy


Thomas Granger

Don't ask me why I'm staring if you there, within my sight
Not everything you're doing is to me, this time all right
You can do anything you want, but do it over there
There where I can't see you and I'll try hard not to care

Now in giving me the question of my repetitious gaze
If you tend to interrupt my peaceful life, about I laze
Get ready, "you're a loser", screams carouse into the stench
Of the odour you put off from the booze you always drench

I don't mean it to the others who don't know it's not the truth
My fire lies, forgotten with the years of treasured youth
But my fire does continue in a frequency of light
One that you can't see unless you go out late at night

Blaze into the heavens, through the last and final berth
Of your souls known, discontent form of have any worth
So you take it out on me because I'm here within my space
That having any right to be in is more mine, in anyplace

Get out of my subconscious, by the ears I'll tear you loose
You believe me when I tell you there is seldom any use
On taking frustrations out on everyone around
'Cause wait just one more second and you'll be in the ground

Some Woman


Thomas Granger

She picks me up and lets me down all in the same breath
She makes me feel more than I can stand
She breaks up little parts of me, almost bored to death
I pay the monkey holding out its hand

My struggle with hormones, which I cannot quite control
Trying hard not to give the go
My pride is overcome by dignity, God rest its soul
Guided by the brooks gentle flow

Wrestle my integrity, trying to break it loose
To free me from the blame for just awhile
Even though I know there's absolutely no excuse
I seem to be a bit lost in denial

I finally gain a grip on my senses, once again
Been in her caresses once before
I don't listen to my body when I'm trying to use my brain
I don't play those foolish games anymore

Bound to get me nowhere, I continue to be bold
Taken in account of my restraint
There isn't any question why I'm left out in the cold
I'm freezing but you won't hear a complaint



Thomas Granger

I dream, as there is some disguise of reality within you eyes
When I awake to a tear lost in the night
Finally I have to realize there is no good compromise
Sometimes it's not my fault that I was right

Imagining the thunder's role continued on with no control
Never having any kind of say
Reminded it was not my goal to pay the price or deem the toll
Told that it can be no other way

Picturing all the methods to remove the dust and wipe the glue
Hoping I can make the paper clean
I know what I'm supposed to do, to find the ones who will be true
and be the way that they've always been

Listen, for the last dispute may come to you as absolute
Being sure there's no-one to be found
Hear the guns when they shoot, the ends of which I can't compute
There might not be anyway around

Left to imagination I can see us at creation
Not showing everything until I'm done
There seems justification why I cannot find sensation
I'm here, but then again I'm only one

Every Time


Thomas Granger

Everything that I have planned, fate conducts the dues
My planets realigned by such a scale
Stay with me on this gallivant through miles you may confuse
With any part of what, that I entail

Everyday the question whether choices that I make
Fulfil anything for anyone
Before that, I decide if I am going to stay awake
Wait for morning just to see the sun

Everyone undoubtedly makes being here all right
As if there were not something I should do
I don't know how to help myself from being so contrite
You know that they believe me if I'm true

Everywhere I go to I am faced with the dispute
If I am or not in the right place
There is nothing that says anything around is absolute
Even the true Love, which you embrace

Everybody knows that they can meet me if they try
I am the one who cries aloud, in vain
I'm gone, it's just like that, I cannot take back my goodbye
or start at the beginning once again



Thomas Granger

My emotions being controlled by the commotion you set off
It might have been the wiggle or the walk
The devotion this starts causing makes you motion towards a cough
A second in this stance our eyes will lock

Showing it's undoubted, going far beyond the peak
Of there being any recourse left in sight
Knowing that likely as I'm flowing you will speak
So maybe you can capture in the light

Promises of lost Love, that you only gave a chance
Whether it was heartfelt or just lust
Giving they've provided means to fix this circumstance
That fate has no direction, you can trust

I meander through the forest, been searching for the proper spot
To rest my weary sumptuous remark
A clean, dry place for me to lay, I mean a place that's not
Cold and damp, you keep forever dark

A warm place, I feel beating with a trace of hope still there
It echoes in my mind over again
If I can't find some shelter around here, anywhere
One more time I will be stuck out in the rain



Thomas Granger

If I hadn't known that it were true I would want to make Love to you
A kind of Love that I could make would be true by no mistake
It'd cry aloud in silent screams and show the world these are my dreams
They come from days I've left behind me in the distance, through my mind
While I come down inside this place without the sun to see my face
The echoing laughter sent to here may be silent, but echoes clear
It whispers things of yesterday so lost in time, like everyday
Sometimes goes away awhile, into the breath, a sigh, a smile
The tears I cry are not in vein. Neither I nor you restrain
If there were not so much to move me far off course from what I prove
To move my mind across a void where dreams could talk and Love enjoyed
Every sound you're making now would ring with bells, prolonged somehow
The night would not all seem so dark, as time and place might see the spark
A burning light made to seek all the warmth passions speak
Voice the heart that's kept within the years of lust far gone with sin
Taking time to steer the right way around the course we fight
I get to where I want to go, but do not think or really know
Any part of how you feel, the dreams of Love I thought were real
Could not have been the way I thought, emotions spell burns fiery hot
It must take fate a likely trip to form its state and grasp for grip
For peace I find alone at-last, dreaming of my distinct past
I guess I may have been too late to find the way, I hesitate
My only wish that there will be someone else to set me free



Thomas Granger

Searching in my distant past, my lifetime gone astray
You'd think that perhaps, here, at-last it'd someday fade away
and leave me with my patience, bubbling with oozing care
Shaping my horizon to extend to anywhere

I give myself the credit for not being anyone
Less than what I hoped for, back before this first begun
When I wanted to be something to someone who then was real
When there seemed to be some current in this river that I feel

That which had a set direction, filled some purpose now devoid
Disappointed my dilemma has made times that I enjoyed
Sink down to the bottom of an ocean filled with pain
Where feeling any happiness means hurting once again

Finding in my diverse thoughts beauty and mystique
Pushing me over the top of this mountain's highest peak
Floating gently to the landing of a long and treacherous glide
Wanting to feel warmth again, released on the inside

My passion too would find a place to save forever more
Not like all the other ones that it lost once before
A place that I'd remember having stayed the way it seemed
Sparkling with a light that the passion often gleamed



Thomas Granger

I might subvert and leave you rambling, as I'm bolting towards the door
Your style of topic causes much revile
Your explanation of what happened doesn't do it anymore
I know you are just delving in denial

Washed by torrent rushes of the waves upon the sand
The whistle of the wind within my ears
The howling of the voices I am forced to understand
Separates my conscience from my peers

Lead me away from everyone and everything I've said
Tearing out the meaning when I'm done
Rips away this paradise and leaves me in my head
Finishing that which I'd begun

Though it never seems complete, it is still over at the end
Lost in time, with feelings of the past
I know how it appears means the outcome will depend
Upon the strong emotions that won't last

But they put me into quiet where it's likely not to find
Anywhere to place the final tear
I hope that all my searching does not carry any kind
Of pleasure that is soon to disappear



Thomas Granger

Forsaken means forgotten, I'm mistaken in control
I wonder what the right way is, under which they wrote the scroll
As nothing interferes with anything I do at all
Alone will keep its own mystique, postponing Able's fall

Prolonging my departure from the wrong part of the theme
To make you want the good one who takes you to redeem
Any of the prophesied, couple's Love they share
It doesn't feel so happy that it wasn't really there

Though it may have been some summit you could not afford to climb
In my lost sections of memory, trying hard to pick the time
I could have gone the distance, or I should have taken more
Time to walk the right way through these teardrops that I pour

At-last it's here, inevitable that fate has got a say
In anything I do for you, the memories wash away
and keep me from recalling that I weep for you alone
I might resist the constant fight that turns my heart to stone

Submissive, I'm compliant and I give my heart to you
A way to keep from hurting in the daytime, seasons through
The sunshine that comes glistening has the one thing I can't see
The glowing fragments of your heart, I know you keep from me



Thomas Granger

Questions lost in outer space, the depths of which they come
Pouring out in essence what was somewhere to be from
The iridescent colours make the light rays seem to bend
I cannot read the stars but hear the message that they send

Try to find the prefix here, to make the word sound right
An unpronounced vowel, perhaps a style of juncture, slight
A more-so feel of promise I can only give to few
Connected, while the thoughts concur and make the suffix true

Dreaming that there is a force binding everyone
Coming from the simple words, proclaiming I'm the son
Of my born to calling I've heard screaming for so long
Screaming out the last two words, that don't seem to belong

Directed by my feelings, which apparently don't count
To anyone who matters to me any small amount
So I leave them all discarded in their piles of rotting dust
and stay with my emotions, at-least the true ones that I trust

They tell me to be careful of the end of what I say
Though it happens here so often, it's still not everyday
That my mind is in the message and my heart is held above
I hope that in my last attempt to show you a real Love



Thomas Granger

My Lovely Love Loves Lovingly so gentle in the spring
My only trouble being is I did not bring the thing
Which was to bring me Loving, more-so in the sweetest way
My Love dilutes my mixture just a little more today

My situation being almost, something I can't take
The illusion here that sways me is not my one mistake
Though I do not feel the purpose overcomes the right to be
Anything I want to, so I'm choosing to be me

Adventure through my mind, lost thoughts are often left untied
I imagine joy is somewhere waiting, locked up deep inside
As I stumble through the drizzle, I wonder why it just won't snow
To whisk away my feelings with these wicked winds that blow

I look, at last the sunshine makes me warm in mid July
I don't remember last time but I guess it means goodbye
Take my only teardrops I was saving just for you
Hoping in the end you'll see they're cause for feeling blue

As I wrestle with my conscience whether I can make it right
I find myself entranced by this fiery, vibrant light
I try to capture any part to save it for the storm
My Love would be so Lovely if she came and kept me warm



Thomas Granger

I've seen you round the corner, I meant to write it down
Memories that I will not miss again
Following bad company in this sick old town
Would make me think, I never use my brain

I hear that same tall story that I've heard a million times
Echo in my mind, left more forgot
I'm telling you again, you're not seeing they're your crimes
I'm mistaken, there you're saying that they're not

I feel it everywhere, you can not play these tricks on me
Emotion gets the best of what I am
and leaves me in a puddle, I think crying sets me free
Showing that I really give a damn

Don't give a care or second glance, I'll be here till the end
Coming like a distant, moving cloud
Anytime but now there was a chance you could pretend
Before you did not need to be so loud

Whimper a cry of mumbling, I do not know what I've said
Next time I'll try to write it in my book
Mixed up into a rhyme, I cannot help what's in my head
or all the searing thoughts that often cook



Thomas Granger

Deserts less the camels, storm-clouds less the wind
Religion without hypocrites, Love that's never sinned
Illusion, whereas meaning has no relevance in word
Glued together, tattered seams, a poison still uncured

The freezing takes the tingle, the heater has grown cold
The healing goes on longer, tarnished feelings, filled with gold
Spilling tiny morsels onto that I can't renounce
Leaves me in my own world, where my bruised emotion counts

So eager to do more of this, your life's only portrayal
Devote yourself to something nothing ever will entail
Collect the tiny teardrops that congeal to gaseous form
and blow of with tomorrow where the sunshine might be warm

As I travel in this evening, I come back to yesterday
Which causes me to drift off to the place I long to stay
To drown those dreadful memories that predicament my pain
Silencing the ringing of the music in my brain

Still I don't beguile my feelings in this matter, as of yet
My life might seem different but I seldom can forget
The last remaining notion will remain my right to share
If this does not show you anything, it should show you I care



Thomas Granger

Donations may be futile, although causing little waste
They sometimes are remembered as leaving a bitter taste
That I have not received any goes to lead the small percent
Of the faculties still restless, who control your government

Contributions by the thousands go to help the undermined
The few of us they left here, where we cannot fall behind
Dreaming of the sunlight that will fill this brand-new sky
Awhile takes my sorrow off to dance in mid July

Tenuous refurbishing to lines in which they lay
Ridiculous to render, as the same it wiil not stay
I'll meet you at the junction, roads converge and then they part
Thunder clouds still raining, more like teardrops from my heart

The echo fills the air so completely with its sound
Reminding me of how long I've been stuck here on the ground
Give my life to silence, made to be a part of me
A part that if you listen you will hear the thoughts I'd be

Receiving less of nothing would not take away my sight
Of the morning I remember all the beauty in the light
Can it ever be mistaken that I give my Love to few
Hoping they're the good ones that I am giving to



Thomas Granger

My genie condescends the end of everything, as yet
Deep inside the feelings that he locks
With all his luck you will more than like, forget
Leaving my poor genie in his box

Taking there is nothing to make him go away
Maybe in a literal sense at-least
At best he will excuse himself, though there he will not stay
Being that's the nature of the beast

The bottle, it was noisy and in need of some repair
Harder it was getting to be in
The box is so much quieter, I can put it anywhere
A new place at the start, where I begin

Always doing over what I should not have undone
Showing signs of weakness, back inside
Holding any right to be the first and only one
Staying with the feelings I confide

Damage by the storm cloud that's still hanging overhead
Waiting for the sunshine to appear
You cannot repair damage of the lies that you have lead
Or expect that all the pain will disappear



Thomas Granger

Come for teary, contraband feelings that I leave
In shambles on my life's path, but don't let them deceive
You into believing there is any other way
I can make the better parts of this see many more today

Go on being undisturbed, untrue to some degree
You think that I can listen in the future that I see
Though I certainly keep heartbreak high upon the number scale
Still I wonder sometimes why it's so hard to be male

Taking, thus the profit does me less than can provide
Giving all of this to keep you warm and safe inside
Doing it so softly, I caress the tender loins
Of the upper understanding, where the Love and trust adjoins

Comprehension in a subtle hint, cognition mildly squeezed
Left about to take the space of time I may have pleased
To help you realize that I have made a place to share
In my heart it's with me all the time, around and everywhere

Wash those pouring teardrops and wipe the sorrow from my smile
Putting me back into a good mood for awhile
It will only last a second, time will come and time will go
It may end up being the only joy I know



Thomas Granger

A Humming Bird flew past me, late the other night
I heard her cry behind the smile, sparkling in the light
I felt the beauty of it, true tears that glistened, too
I did not have to see the pain to feel what she'd been through

I hear her warm heart beating in surrender of the glow
Coming from emotion of the deeper parts I show
Overwhelmed by signals I've seen circle the sky
I ask myself again, yet sometimes still I wonder why

How could I not release my mind and say the way I feel
Consider this a compromise, instead of an appeal
That it may be something, like a Lover or a star
As if there was use wishing I might change the way things are

So I rest my weary head before I finally go to sleep
For a short while I will get to be the one who cannot keep
Worry of the likelihood I will accept the blame
Provided that the reasons for you leaving are the same

Tomorrow when I wake-up will I still be dreaming of
The parts of my emotions that were meant to show you Love
Maybe there was something that mislead me to believe
I would ever reach the goal that I was trying to achieve

Running Out


Thomas Granger

When it all runs out the bottom, what's left?
That would be space, space that's uncorrupted by this time.
Fazing in and out until the insert of the cleft.
Remove the parts that cover it with grime.

Each time it gets more difficult to break the hold of lust,
that takes my own aggression onto life
Causing to be harder, all the feelings that I trust.
Into my heart again you plunge the knife.

I live in hopes that meaning has some relevance in word.
Existence for a futile Love I take.
Remaining as the consequence, the note is seldom heard.
The pounding of my heart, the drowning ache.

I pay the piper, one more time, time and time again
It becomes a loss of more, "I'm running out".
Leaving this forever, slowly I will drain,
locking me forever in my doubt.

It grims me all the other ones I've had and Loved and lost.
I don't know what I must be doing wrong.
Maybe, someday I will pay the total cost
and find the place I feel like I belong.



Thomas Granger

Sunshine, moonlit, starry gaze which tells you I'm away
The peace I find alone and lost in thought
Expel that single notion that I'll be here past today
The pleasure you will feel when I'm not

A tiny bit of emphasis on the way things had to go
Keeping a firm handle on my grip
That small amount of water should have let you know
There's no use for you to bail this sinking ship

The glory of a brand-new day coming into sight
Protects my heart from yesterdays gone wrong
The whispers of the voices telling me that it's all right
Are muffled by the screaming of that song

Still, I dream of what you've said, I wrestle with the pain
Maybe something meant to be relief
Time may help me to forget for long enough, again
Until I change and go with my belief

When I've fallen back to sleep, at last my mind takes rest
Into a world where space and thought collide
The words don't often help, but remain to be the best
Way for me to deal with it, inside

A Spot In Utopia


Thomas Granger

Gone from here, utopia, sent to a place I can't find.
It doesn't have to rhyme but it does have to sing
and do a little dance in my mind.

As it cannot come from nothing, the good spot I mean, in the back.
It does need to make me feel happy awhile
and fulfil the things that I lack.

Set in a tumbling motion, I said that I do need to speak.
So, take this away, I don't need it today,
I won't know where I'll be in a week.

Discover that people are wicked, in ways that I can't comprehend.
If I don't act the way that they like or they want
I'm guessing I won't be their friend.

It's too bad for all of the others who came to find feeling, at-last.
In my world of grief, it's beyond my belief
I can ever make up for the past.

Stuck here between now and never, looking to where I will go
Lost in the sun there is nowhere to run,
at-least there's a place that I know.

Coming right back to the ending, to the time I need to stop
You're not slowing me down, one little bit
you're just chasing me back to the top.



Thomas Granger

The sound that makes a mark upon my window ledge at night
Echoing again so soft and slow
Continues to be soothing until I can see the light
The gentle river's rhythm is the flow

Sparkling within this, the star so brightly shines
Excusing my displeasure all the while
Beneath the steely casing my heart better defines
My Loving like a warm and sensual smile

Come to my creation, found the bitter part of sweet
Left its taste apparently distinct
Gone with all my passed thoughts to the place emotions meet
Onto of which my mind the space is linked

Though in crashing to the bottom I find ways to help you out
Sorrow creeps into the very bone
Finding it is all my ways that this fighting's all about
Maybe I'd be better all alone

My hyperbolic statements leave me standing in the breeze
My cries drift off silent with the rain
Laying in the darkness my hopes are that someone frees
My heart before it breaks once again



Thomas Granger

The future is so distant, seeming not to arrive
Passed just like a ghost into the night
Forgotten with the memory, not long it will survive
Misguided souls who boast they are all right

Taken in the moment, there's no way to make it work
It doesn't have the strength to carry on
Suddenly seem reckless, going to go berserk
Waiting for the sunshine and the dawn

Remembering faded thoughts have almost disappeared
Not wanting for the good ones to disperse
Having little choice whether somehow time has steered
Around the obstacles that were the worst

Energy that's spent on further echoes, cry in vein
Trying to retrieve the sound now lost
Make the clouds that thunder start to release pouring rain
Turning into ice with winter's frost

Wish there was some hope around the corner, at the end
Travelling to reach that final place
Wanting for the time enough, time enough to spend
Vanishing again without a trace



Thomas Granger

Don't mean to be a little while beyond the point of late
Gone too far passed the exact time I often hesitate
Removing myself further than I usually need to go
No use in saying anything, I'm pleased to tell you so

I re-release the message, heard in good times and in bad
True to my emotions that don't always seem this sad
Once when they were happy I remember the delight
Until the circumstance demanded that I stand and fight

Can't make the only promise that I've promised not to make
Trying to figure out weather I'm dreaming or awake
Not knowing now for years I break into another spell
I've never known the answers that eventually time will tell

I do accept the moment, being here though in-between
A second of the past, I cannot change what it will mean
As I try to do the right thing there's a chance it could be wrong
I cannot find the sunshine of the place where I belong

Reflect the starlight sparkling, remember centuries slip away
Light shed a million years ago just reaching us today
Casts a tiny shadow down upon the garden floor
The guiding light will twinkle until that star can shine no more



Thomas Granger

My little idiosyncrasies make me special, but diverse
I would like to have the pieces to control the universe
Though that one deceptive number, eluding any type of wave
Traps me tight within it, mind my dreams it does enslave

In my thoughts I am subversive, needing night to turn to day
I don't believe that ever I will get to have my way
So I stay amongst the certain, where I feel much more alive
My emotions writ on pages, at-least some they will survive

Dred the virile process winding us up to the top
Twisting up the ending where the Love and sharing stop
Retracting me back into this icy, metal case
Saving all my feelings that I never can replace

Crying out for wisdom channelled up, away from here
Going outside the moment to make sure I have no fear
Find no apparent reason why you cannot just be mine
I am lost amongst garden where the rose climbs up the vine

On my list of things to ponder I put wander far beyond
It grows more everyday until that day I might respond
I wonder why I do not throw away this oily pen
I've asked myself before and I am sure to ask again



Thomas Granger

My heart goes into overload, donate my life to waste
I relinquish more of something I can't find
Gone like here or never into nowhere near your taste
To realize how far I fall behind

Trapped here for the ending, come alone, in no demand
Fighting with myself over the pain
You see me struggle hopelessly and never reach your hand
Helping me to lift this hardened chain

Dancing through my memories, all those sparse, unsavoury rhymes
My thoughts, those thoughts will live for ever more
To show my dreams, they tell of the changing, newer times
Losing in the distance from before

Lost away like teardrops not fulfilling my real needs
The thunder brings a small calm in the storm
But my broken heart erupts like a mountain that still bleeds
With nothing here inside to keep me warm

There's so much there to complement these fields of summer green
Left amongst the clear, blue sky of day
I remember how you were and how now the words all mean
I'll miss you 'cause you're gone like yesterday



Thomas Granger

Unreal likes of stamina, more real I am a man
My hopes and dreams to come alive is not my master plan
As it's ranking pretty high for something I could maybe use
To keep me from going crazy in a game you're meant to lose

Beauty held to squander in the distance, where I lay
Bound forever, keep these last few words I need to say
If you listen closely, hear the sounds of years gone bye
Augmented and distorted, you may often hear me cry

Cry out to all the ones in vein, trying to find their hearts
One thing that I can understand, the pain is where it starts
Though it ends not somewhere like this kind of paradise we live
Anyone who'll meet me there my emotion will forgive

There are not many wanderers that can ever reach this place
It won't reside both underground or out in outer space
Deep inside each one of us, a place to find what's real
It's the only place that knows all we see and all we feel

I might be argumentative about the final bits of male
I tend to still hang onto through the ending of my tale
Means I might be overrating, my opinion quite innate
When I come upon the answer sad to say I am too late



Thomas Granger

A hariot, a dove leading the way in powered flight
Removes the setting of the cloak still meant to seem all right
Brings the gents all scrambling, unwitting to this charm
In droves they come awaiting, never hearing the alarm

Left in hopeless struggle, wishing she might turn around
The ringing of the music seems to muffle my faint sound
Taking deeper breaths to seem louder and in sink
Appearing to feel better of myself, or so I think

I know so little of the proper limerick to depict
Outside I hardly bother, while inside there is conflict
In ways you can't imagine, come from sharing of my heart
Fragmented tiny bits of Love were not broken in the start

Though inviting me to enter into realms deemed so unreal
They compromise my judgement so I don't know what to feel
I know it is on fire but I have to touch it, still
Removing all my doubts that it will burn, because it will

Gliding towards the bottom of a long and treacherous glide
Dreaming, in the middle I'll get to go back inside
Have time to see the sunshine glow and wander in today
Counting on tomorrow it will take my tears away



Thomas Granger

On our way to paradise we had to make a stop
Way up this very mountain, will we ever reach the top
To come to this one place in the passage by the sea
Find I'm meant to be here, drenched in sunshine, by a tree

Though I did not come here looking, I am searching nonetheless
For words with the true meanings that often can't express
They come to me in flashes with no time to sort them out
I re-restore the scripture, seldom ever having doubt

A sharply flowing river from the mountains and the sky
Treacherous redundancy will leave you where you lie
The overflowing forests keep on feeding all their needs
Never say the storm cloud is not hurting as it bleeds

Rush down to the ocean where the current meets the tide
Wash away those feelings from the bottom of inside
Wait until the day it can get turned back into rain
Releasing the real teardrops that meander from the pain

Arisen from this castle I find need to climb the walls
My thoughts diverse most endlessly, like echoes down these halls
It's written in the starlight, as it beams upon the floor
So I quickly write it down, like it is and was before

Wise Man


Thomas Granger

A wise man once said, "I bring nothing but my Love".
He never knew that it was going to turn out like this.
How could he have known that so many of the things a
person is, relies so much upon what that person strives to be.
If anyone wants to be nothing then it seems easy enough.
Though who would ever want to be nothing when there is
so much to be? Without a goal I would seem empty,
lacking all the things that make me, me. I may seem rather
distant, though I am always aware of the destiny I travel
towards. In the mist I see the light and know that someday
I will too have to go its way. I surrender to my thoughts
as they take my pain somewhere else, making it seem okay
for awhile; but it's not, nor ever will be quite the same.
The distance that I travel may not get me to the ending,
as the end never is but something new.



Thomas Granger

A brighter sky, a sunlit morn, the sparkle of the day
A pristine set, immaculate how night will turn away
Into its only time to rest, for darkness does not sleep
Struggling to stay on top of the hours I try to keep

Elapsing in this evening with no worries of the past
Escaping from the sunshine and the warmth that will not last
Only but a second to reclaim my rightful fame
To be lost amongst the garden where I've buried all my shame

In the night-time there are many moments come to be no more
Daytime brings the promise that you'll see the light before
We get to where we're going and come to see the truth
All those years are wasted, gone just like the tears of youth

I track the stars all morning, imagine dreams are like their glow
Glimmering through night and shine so we can surely know
A heart that burns with light does not lessen in the sun
Quietly shining anyway, until the day is done

After, I am thankful that another night went well
Forgotten, like the other times I thought that I could tell
The night would be continued for the star that might have shone
Can shine again, at-least for now, until the break of dawn



Thomas Granger

Flowers grow, the garden sweet, blossoming in rows
Planted here in times of bliss, before
Hours gone in pardon meet this awesome wind that blows
To find out what the winter keeps in store

Bought out of the ending, time leaves me standing still
Wondering about the summer sun
There isn't any question as you know I can and will
Be in time to show you, you're the one

I've been fighting with my conscience over weather I decide
Making my own comfort all the way
You do not have to worry now as all the things I hide
Could not make you go or make you stay

Gone through all the hard times, coming to the place we are
Finding that the ending still begins
Prosperity enlightens me but does not pay so far
Any ways a loser never wins

Taken down the pathway of life I do resign
Waken to the sound of rustling leaves
Lying to myself no longer helps me to feel fine
For I'm the only one that it deceives

Stupid Idiot


Thomas Granger

I feel it in the starlight, burning bright with ornery flame
It is like I remember, almost different but the same
To be so many things upon my list of things to be
I storm my very intellect to wind up skipping me

I tend to be much wiser than I can take credit for
Though many times, I cannot lie, I need to be way more
Smarter to begin with in my tall, industrious tale
If not for, to remember come an echo of betrayal

Now I do not mean to worry though still I worry of
The pouring of the teardrops that were meant to show you Love
Because I am so different, I am the same in toll my needs
My heart beats oh so slowly, although in repair it bleeds

So many of my feelings spent on others left behind
Taken them with everything I'm saving in my mind
As part of my own lesson made to teach me all the rules
Showing all the geniuses, so much they are the fools

So I guess again in riddles built to rid me of the blame
I try to recall properly, yet I don't know the name
My educated findings here would lead me to conclude
My brain has come detached just like my mouth has come unglued



Thomas Granger

A might coincidental you would have to leave this way
As all the others have and come to do
"That's right I don't concur", you know I'm going to stay
With feelings that I know are real and true

Stuck here on the ground, I've lost propulsion now to fly
To or from where I long to be
I come up with a reason without knowing the reason why
The reason why no longer I'll be free

Travelling toward the meadow, in the prairie, on the hill
Troubled with the lack of towering peaks
I sense what you are feeling 'cause you know I feel it still
Reading all the tales your laughter speaks

I cry, I cry myself as in the end I'll be alone
My only need to know, to know the truth
Lost, life is like a riddle I have chiselled here in stone
I grow, I grow with memories of my youth

Each story has an ending, coming from where we begin
It ends as being less or more of none
Tomorrow's just a day that maybe I can win
Something I have not already won



Thomas Granger

As I drift within the cosmos, from inside I go without
Memory to serve me very clear
Remember what my laughter is, there isn't any doubt
With each passing breath there comes a tear

I try to keep my quiet but I can't evade this storm
Turned by all the thoughts I keep alive
I talk, though in rebut as the sentence takes its form
Taking me the place where you arrive

That Genie I can't shake him, I pretend but he's still there
Extremely hard I try to get away
He makes me say and do things just like I don't even care
That keeps me back in where I need to stay

You don't understand my meanings, talk in simile and rhyme
Pictured with the theme of life and Love
It isn't only riddle in the passage of the crime
It's all the things I cherish and dream of

I'm use to it, I wander into depths of the unknown
Loose consideration for my feel
I had the parts at one time I could say Love was my own
Saving those I found to me were real



Thomas Granger

Twisted, thorny bristles carved from oily, timeless rifts
The broken side is underneath the smile
I reassure myself with those self-indulging gifts
That may just hold me over for awhile

Aspirate dreams of conquest stay rapped up within your spell
Entering dimensions still untold
Locked up within my life, I do mean to mean you well
So I feel there is something there to hold

Composed of brittle crystals, tempered, carbon, stainless steel
Fashioned into razor, sharpened swords
Severing the fibres, truer smoothness made to feel
Attracting the mosquitoes by the hoards

Base my feeble judgement on the past of lies I've lead
Making my decisions as I go
Unseen by my real feelings, "is it something that I've said'?
Telling you that I don't really know

Driven by the process, time is slowly winding down
To the very bottom of the page
Turning up right here, looking for the proper noun
Hoping this will end another stage



Thomas Granger

Tell me time is standing still, a moment meant to last
Fixated on the notion it will come to be the past
It arrives tomorrow morning with that cool, quiet breeze
That feeling overwhelms you a high number of degrees

Now it isn't necessary to calm the wind that sings
It could be one of many signs that show me many things
Yet, thinking that you'd like it I expected you to come
To drown away those feelings and make the pain go numb

I've been there once before, before I needed to be here
Impulse to my emotions warning to stay in the clear
They're falling all around you, you should see them everywhere
A mind in store for anything, a heart in need to care

Seeming quite intrigued with nothing I am taken in a storm
Being more released than normal for the Love that feels so warm
A little understated, anyway the end draws near
Soon the light will dim and the sun will disappear

Darkness in the forest, distant place deemed so unreal
A place where I could wander and imagine how I'd feel
When I was so much wiser than I'd like to be today
I would find all of the answers I was really trying to say

Excuse a Me


Thomas Granger

Pardon me for excusing you for doing anything
I do not think it was my fault, the blame I'm not taking
But you may be wanting me to hold the onus for awhile
No doubt I could be losing here, just going out in style

Excused for all the instincts that I fight as they react
Maybe there is someone else to contemplate that fact
More likely I'll add wonder to my list of things to do
That would be my instinct when I stop and think of you

I carry all my heartache with my broken, tangled dreams
I work hard to repair damage of the cut and wrinkled seams
Before fragments of Love I have inside as fluid leaks
I know you know it's something the way my silence speaks

So quietly I wander into depths of the unknown
Years of wanting nothing but to be left upon my own
Let to picture sorrow of the heart, like of days gone bye
The only way to really feel the pages that I cry

Bleak and vaguely twisted, my heart stays within its shell
Wishing soon, tomorrow will mean to do me well
Still I barley notice that the sun has come and gone
Or any other day when the sunshine might have shone



Thomas Granger

In a rush of ecstasy, once again you will succumb
and lose yourself in moments quite like this
Adjacent to my Loving you, my Loving you to come
Over to my place fills me with bliss

You do not have to say because I know it anyway
Or at least I get the movement of your gist
No matter if you go or if you would like to stay
I'll always feel the passion when we've kissed

As angry as you get I find more silence to divert
Quickly noise disturbs the open flame
I seldom eat my supper before I eat my desert
Hopefully they are one in the same

Whenever time may ponder just a second to decide
Without a thought I often will accept
Your emotion that I'm feeling is not something you can hide
Even though you try to keep it like you've kept

In a wisp of ordained feel, I leave myself in clear display
Needing you to see I am contrite
Causing more confusion to account for the delay
Rambling on my own account, in spite



Thomas Granger

Our destiny lies hidden underneath tons of remorse
Fate that whistles loudly, with detail
The wind sure is blowing me, it's blowing you off course
Sadly I inspect what you entail

Trapped within our psyche, drenched with kindly goodness, too
Leaving just a minute trace of grief
I can't believe how I feel after all that I've been through
There's something here that changes my belief

When there was another choice to take the road we're on
The directions were all twisted by the rules
The chance that road might have made may have come and gone
The sun is setting as the tension cools

Forget about tomorrow for it did not shed some light
Upon any reasons left for thought
Nothing you can do can ever make it seem all right
Dreamt it was important, but it's not

Lying in the moonlight, dare I make my intents clear
Trying to catch the other ones I've lost
Time takes a little while to make hurt disappear
But never really pays what it will cost



Thomas Granger

You may seem ordinary but you're not, that's how you are
A tiny bit of temper with a twist
Some may say too much of anything maybe a bit far
They should have said, right before we kissed

Now too late, I should have seen it coming from the start
Too bad I am too slow to catch the bus
I realize I am the reason keeping them apart
Them I'm meaning you and I and us

My confusion being that which is unsettled with my mind
I don't know which way to turn you loose
Angered deep inside I am the only one who'll find
With my shattered feelings, any use

They flop and fall so lifelessly onto the dusty trail
No bother goes toward them once they're gone
The only possibility being that I will fail
That time has come and passed just like the dawn

Coming from reflected sunlight, peering silent through the trees
The moon, it wrestles with the morning sky
That feeling that I get when I am begging you to please
Not to let this fragile Loving die



Thomas Granger

A quaint, intuitive state of mind brings light into the day
and right or wrong plainly in my view.
Making gifts of compromise slowly fade away,
thus ridding me of guilt I'm feeling too.

An instant of wonder overcomes my mental stance,
allowing for this conference to convene.
The moment that you find me this emotion will enhance
feeling in the places that I mean.

Alas, this form of rectitude leaves giant, gaping holes
where dissension rears its tarnished, metal claws.
It seems funny to me all the laughter she controls
amusing me, 'cause I know how it was.

Lapse into another spell, I'm trying not to fall
a trap set just for the likes of me.
Not knowing a little bit of anything at all.
The part where I'm supposing to be free.

The darkness takes away the light and leads me into night,
making sorest feelings in the morn.
It obviously is OK and nearly seems all right,
even of the tragedy I warn.



Thomas Granger

Stopped to smell the roses, their stench burns my nostrils still
Reminding me of all the times I've held my breath until
I found the taste so bitter, sweet it almost made me sick
Getting by those awful thorns would likely do the trick

There isn't any other way to make me feel all right
Without the piles of little things you put here so we'll fight
So I'm making you a promise, one that I'll try hard to keep
I promisee you from now on I will try and get some sleep

If written in a riddle thoughts would twist and warp around
Leading some distinction you've forgotten that I've found
A spot wherein there's peace, with lasting joy that you can share
You keep it with you all the time, just like you're always there

Shadowed by my passed lies, endowed to know what's true
The diamond that still sparkles shades of iridescent blue
Re-closes that one chapter in my lifetime gone astray
Bringing whole new pages that I keep in pure display

An aura that surrounds me, I seem bleak but know the past
Is something best forgotten with first one and the last
So when I stop to find tomorrow has come from yesterday
I'll remember that the next day is a million years away



Thomas Granger

Melting in a molten pool of liquid steel and ash
Expelling all the portion's disarray
Bubbling and seething, fuel comes pouring from this gash
Sinking feeling caused by the display

A spark sets into motion violent bursts of oil and gas
Igniting in a flash of turbulent flame
Combusting more flammable sections of this mass
Contemplate to win or lose the game

A spot of life still moving in direction of the stream
Lost within the current of the flow
Surviving on the morsels of the light that they redeem
Consistent with the ignorance I show

Separate and dismembered, ruling not to be disband
Leading me around without a clue
Together I'm a part of something no-one can withstand
Absolutely regardless what they do

Harden into sharpened, alloy, carbon, stainless steel
Pressed around a heart of polished gold
Beating ever more quietly, some time may not unseal
Love before it gets lost in the cold



Thomas Granger

Come hate from Love, onto those
A risk for all to take
A poison grief no-one knows
That Love is all to make

A scream of passion, jealous start
To rip the inside out
Then take rhythm tired heart
When they all have doubt

All with sorrow, hide and seek
All too hard to find
Blindness, shadows, none will speak
A poison into mind



Thomas Granger

Unwieldy diamond, in the rough
The dragon's tooth of fire
Though all the gold would be enough
It's not what I require

Love and passion wild with storm
I wonder which is which
You're saying that I need reform
But I can't stop the itch

Seeming echoes of before
I come into the light
Sounds so true that I ignore
Hidden from your sight

Held the tempered sword of steel
Feel its mighty wrath
Knowing what you see is real
So don't go of the path

Hear the rage upon his roar
Lightning of desire
Stop searching for it anymore
It's me who you inspire



Thomas Granger

Once I was a traveller on the road, behind the wheel
Left to travel on my own, I think of how you feel
and wonder what your dreaming, as you seem into a dream
Your friends are all there screaming all about the light you gleam

I wonder, it's like most times, in the traffic I get lost
Your payment for the trouble may be under what I cost
To get to where I'm going I will need to stop for gas
Then maybe by the morning this need for you will pass

As I proceed toward sunset it is sad to see it leave
Another day of driving off these spirits that believe
Me to be the underside of miles that were left thought true
To be last few miles that I could have spent with you

Enough of feeling sorry, what I keep I still hold dear
I have only my emotion to deal with my last tear
It will hardly make a sound when it feels the ground at last
Just a tiny drop of water, disappearing fast

Before my time is empty I would like to take my time
To recall where we are going at the ending of my rhyme
To a place we're both invited to be lonesome once again
At the centre of the universe we do enjoy the rain



Thomas Granger

Redundant bits of excess frill resilient of the past,
release me from the dark until I gasp for breath at last.
My weary mind may wander as it too comes into light.
Realize the beam of power is shining on tonight.

Reluctant making my own way on trampled shards of glass.
The endless noise repeats its beat in time to come to pass.
I make way for your encounter with your destiny, untold.
Sure that I recover all the tiny strands of gold.

I reveal my only weakness, being yours and mine to share.
In time to somehow ponder that I too have need to care.
Rendering unable, I consume my only prise.
Account that I remember you before the Loving dies.

Return onto oblivion from within of which I come.
Reminding myself all the while to re-record the sum.
Relinquish all my faculties as nothing I need hide.
So to me, I leave to you the passage back inside.

Restrain my unseen revenue for later, so I feel
resourceful in my own remorse, I pay for that I steal.
Among apparent emptiness I will always resound,
when I look into your eyes I see what I have found.



Thomas Granger

The wind blows gentle in the planes then it rushes quick bye me
As if to tell me I am not what I compose
The ground it seems to tremble, making even Christians see
Does not compare us to the beauty of a rose

Breaking free from its fall, on its tumble to the ground
Then turns a violent spiral to take rest
Remembering the times that she never made a sound
As the moisture in her pedals I caressed

To see the sunshine wither what once it had help grow
Turning us all closer still to dust
Hiding all the feelings that you're trying not to show
Fooling all the sacred things I trust

My emotions time has tempered into diamond, carbon steel
Also into a razor's edge as well
Cutting to the bone, down to the feelings I can't feel
Burying me deep beneath your spell

Still the starlight glistens like it always has and will
Bringing tears to my eyes as the fall
When I listen to you calling out for Love from on the hill
I don't think that you are calling me at all



Thomas Granger

Exciting things can happen at the midst of all damnation.
Denying claims of pureness at the start of our creation.
Aware that time is running out, as was when it began.
Looking for the finish true to this life's mortal plan.

Awaken from the darkness, in the depths of which we sleep.
See the sunshine gleaming through my eyes, as still they weep.
Softly whisper in my ear, comfort my desire.
Take my Love it's yours to keep, if Love you do require.

Accentuate the caring found in hearts as now they trust.
Realize your weakness captured in acquiring lust.
Take my offer on to you, make the sleigh-bells ring.
Compromising yesterday, which does not mean a thing.

Even counting everything there just won't be enough.
Travelling down the road of life maybe could get rough.
Come to a plateau where I know I've never been.
Try to teach the princess who is king and who is queen.

True to my own sacrifice, true to my belief.
Some recover darkness from the light to get relief.
I can't recall a single time the message seemed so clear.
Capture just a glimpse shining, before I disappear.



Thomas Granger

Aspire to make you think awhile
Draw closer need to see your smile
Dim the lights and help you see
I Love you and you Love me

Sweet caress of silken hair
Softly whispers Love we share
Through open fingers pours the night
Dark removes the need for light

Dreamt of days which surely passed
From beginning Love to last
Accounting for the faster pace
Keeping in my only place

Shared in memory, held within
Tender touch of golden skin
Warmth of passion, wild with storm
Around Love's gentle glow we swarm

Intensely cherish time alone
Breaking through my heart of stone
Perspiring in a field of dreams
Nothing like the way it seems

Engulfing every little move
For all of Love I cannot prove
Coming to meet my surprise
You look so deep into my eyes

Enough to take my heart away
Rapped within embrace we stay
Rise from sleep, as we awake
Precious waves of Love we make

A Thousand Horses


Thomas Granger

In your heart I hear the sound
As horses' feet beet on the ground
It makes my head spin all around
To hear the Love that I have found

When in your eyes I feel the sun
I know that I am still the one
It makes my heart glow inside
To know our Love will not subside

To feel your breath in my ear
To know for sure I have no fear
For all my troubles disappear
No-one's sorrow do I hear

In your heart I hear the beat
A thousand horses' pounding feet
It makes my heart glow inside
To know our Love will not subside



Thomas Granger

Care about the one who cared about who really cares,
before the caring stops and changes hands.
Prepare to be prepared when nobody else prepares,
to understand the one who understands.

"Shout", the people shouted when it's me who always shouts
about my feelings or the lack there of.
Doubt I could be doubted when I know we all have doubts.
Look upon the ground from up above.

Take what is for taking when it's you who always takes,
remember all the ones I've Loved and lost
Break my heart that's breaking before I put on the breaks,
assessing my own damage from the cost.

Gone while I'm still going until you're the one who goes,
with thoughts that I may be too late for you.
Shone the light that's showing all the things nobody shows.
forgot the things I was supposed to do.

Started in the start, I find the end before it starts,
tending to my wounds, as they still bleed.
Parted we're apart because I don't have the parts
to defend the rights of Love that I too need.



Thomas Granger

Descending from the heavens, last you see or send to me,
to fall onto and lay upon the ground.
Winter's type of blanket, covering the whole country
and freezing everything for miles around.

In this frozen waist, for hours I am removed from the cold.
Comforting the warmth in peace, alone.
Shivering, you call to me, or so that's what I'm told,
turning my heart closer still to stone.

Dreaming of the sunshine and the seasons end of spring,
hopefully not bringing only rain.
Morning, as the day breaks and the birds began to sing.
My feelings lost in turmoil, once again.

Drowned are my last gasps for breath, "I relish", gasp for breath,
released into a world that's misconstrued.
I dwell amongst the passage between life and after-death,
not wanting for the thought that I delude.

All the final parts of pleasure you conceive make me aware
that I compete within a battle never won.
You say you don't but do always in every way compare
me, with all the things of everyone.



Thomas Granger

Most light turned out upon the glass
A striking, golden beam
You can't expect your pain to pass
Would be the way I'd seem

Generations come before
The time to recognize
Knowing that there's always more
You can realize

In words that can't express my grief
Of any other time
From hate comes Love is my belief
Like any other rhyme

Come forward to be cast aside
By endless ridicule
Expressive notions bound to hide
From any passing fool

A sound of voices leads the way
A pleasure all my own
Try to find out what they say
To chisel them is stone

In scripture for the word to see
A whisper curved on sheet
Etch it out as poetry
To make my task complete



Thomas Granger

Remove myself diligently to an insightful place,
releasing thoughts I save within the walls.
Spilling little pieces of the future, I replace
you with someone else when nature calls.

It calls to me in many ways, the whispers in my ear,
make me often listen to their screams.
Quiet, to myself I hope that they might disappear
and leave me here in comfort with my dreams.

My dreams will tend to wander if you let them, anyway.
Like daytime, never-ending in my mind.
Remember how I felt then and how I'm feeling everyday
you continue to me being so unkind.

The wind it beckons to me, calls in undivided song.
Haunting, its voice leading me adrift.
Making me still wait can only happen for so long,
before someone comes and pulls me from the rift.

I try to reconsider all the choices I have made,
knowing I can't change them now they're done.
Being quite gullible, I knew it when I stayed
and lost the only thing that was the one.



Thomas Granger

Mysterious and undefined
Beauty that can blow your mind
With the difference of the years
She comes around then disappears

As I follow close behind
Try not to let my heart unwind
Coming from within, without
Listening to what others shout

Deeply scarred by passing days
Tricked into a change of ways
Sitting back I try my best
Wishing I could get some rest

Since I can't stop the waters flow
Trying with the things I show
I hope she sees but know the truth
Mistakes are made in passing youth

When she comes into the night
She will see it's wrong or right
Until that day she must abide
To all the rules she keeps inside

Up until the day she sees
Not everything blows in the breeze
Echoes calling out her name
Will never, ever be the same

Hopefully in time to tell
She sees the river that she fell
To pull herself from in the cold
Before time can make her old



Thomas Granger

Discretely comfort, willingly, forgo definite track.
Release your body and your mind, I know you'll be right back.
In daytime feel the starlight shine and warm the season so.
Bringing back the memories of a time so long ago.

Though in ending it won't matter how the matter came apart;
and it hardly made a difference what was deep inside my heart.
Yet I tried to mean that maybe from a warm, soft, gentle squeeze
you could take me to a paradise and bring me off my knees.

Past the line of no return, come from somewhere far beyond.
Below the draw of simple thought the golden, blue eyed, blond
Succumb my only weakness, brought me willing all the way,
as there are not many reasons why I come, or go, or stay.

Say there can't be many directions for us to go from this point,
when you see my dreams are ashes by the fire that you anoint.
Take away the only reason why I travel to this place.
Find I do not seem to be there for your needs, in any case.

Washed by torrent rushes of the river through the tide,
cutting right through the middle of my heart, from the inside.
All the Love that we are making cannot change what's in my heart,
being sure to stay together even though we are apart



Thomas Granger

Work so hard, for hours just to make you feel unique.
Climb the highest mountain just to reach the highest peak.
Dwindle into ocean falls, make way for higher flight.
Yesterday's forgotten, making way for our tonight.

Cautiously I swallow, as I don't engulf my tongue.
No need for me to wallow in my song for that it's sung.
Hiding would be useless to a man with one true life.
If only I had someone, truly I could call my wife.

If that could make a difference, meaning more that's shown to me.
If to show the contemplation between Love and dignity.
I don't cause to be carnivorous at the fleshy, little part
of parts I cannot squander, with true Love that's in my heart.

When constantly I bother without any kind of its space,
to feel your breath so wild and true and put it in place.
While memories surround me, with no worries I go on.
It doesn't seem to matter much for dusk as is to dawn.

With my eyes still quite wide open I can see what's yet to come.
Disguise my heart if anything my emotions can come from.
To be anything with anyone believe you can go through
and make a little part of me belong to part of you.



Thomas Granger

Dilute this concentrate salute to mix my diverse thoughts
Arriving here without a clue their there, there where they're lots
It isn't more or less this way because that's what I said
It is that way, "excuse my reach", just like red is red

Distinct attributes override this loss of rectitude
A brief moment of discomfort in the thought that I delude
Fragmenting my heart further from how it was to stay
Supposing that this circumstance was meant to be this way

Ordinary fabrications left to boil soon take their toll
Just before it's time to find I have some self-control
With an opening horizon newly modelled in my reach
From easy, fabric limericks I console to make them speech

I speak of your emotions, yours and others felt around
My heart beats a reminder, keeping rhythm, hear it pound
The echoes shout aloud but I pretend I do not hear
Hope I can wait long enough the whispers will be clear

In a murmur it continues to divert my layers of time
To make them fall out of place, "allowing one more rhyme"
The words I won't recapture float off quiet in tonight
Floating around tomorrow, until I can get it right



Thomas Granger

What is life? Life is a chance to take your best stance and see how people will react once you impact them by doing what you like to do. Out of your own free will just don't kill anyone or anything. It's not fun and it will bring sorrow that will last through tommorrow and into the furture. Be sure to ensure that your loved ones don't make any of those mistakes. Don't take for granted that you were granted this wonderful gift called life. Share it with your wife and kids. Don't kid yourself don't bid your chances on the wine on your shelf or shack. Life is a snack.