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Heather Gramling


Homosassa, FL, US

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A Beautiful Sight


Heather Gramling

When you laugh
I see the world through your eyes
An intense spectrum of magical journeys transcending into a love that no one else can up hold
But only you can
You’re the flame upon the wick of my candle
Burning eternally, never disappearing into the night to leave me crying in pain
You’re mine to bring me joy that I only knew when I was a child
W/ your eyes, I see my future
And what a beautiful sight it is
The love you shower leaves me w/ a smile
Then I know w/ you in my life
I’m able to accomplish what I truly yearn for
Intense emotion
The possibility for some crazy spontaneous moment to capture the strength of your blissful life
The chance to run wild in the pouring rain
Only knowing the moment is there for a brief time but a memory will continuously linger forever
That love is what I knew your eyes spoke w/
Such kindness that I knew you’d never cause me any heartbreak or pain
A love so special that when I glace into your eyes
I know fear is my enemy and you are my radiant future