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Lynn J. Graham


Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

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A Song for Ronal


Lynn J. Graham

You are
My morning song
As the birds gaze over the morning rays
A shade at noon
To sooth my sun burnt skin
As the Sun’s kiss turns pierce

You are
My stars at night
Wherever I go, I always have your light
My shed when it rains
Which soothes my frightened soul
As the sky shouts in thunder

I am
A fallen seed
All the way from a gully
I was drifted to the river
‘til I reached the sea
‘til I reached the seashore
‘til in your arms I have rested

Please welcome me
And if it pleases you
Ask me to stay forever
For forever is my home

Your arms which enclose me, my wall
The gaze of your eyes, my room
Your kisses make wine
Your caresses make fire
Your love my life

The Dreamer's Fall


Lynn J. Graham

All of men were born a dreamer
Where they dream the best,
Or dream the least.

It was a dream to win the race
Against the flying beasts
We reached the stars!

The risk of dreaming is the FALL
That many dreamers
Take a real sleep.
That fall can be a thousand times.
More in dreaming high,
True we could fall!

But fall is not a way to death.
It simply means STAND,
And fly again!

The deadly fall is in the hands
Of all the faithless,
And all the weak.