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Gary Graham


Glasgow, Scotland, UK

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A Game Of Hearts


Gary Graham

Your love is very tender
like a rash of poison oak
your burning kisses linger
like the smell of tyre smoke.

I love the way you hold me close
whenever I've got money,
I love the way you spend it all,
it's really kind of funny.

You whisper that you love me
but I know it isn't true,
You promised me devotion
but I've had enough of you,

so pardon me, I'm bowing out,
you've used your credit, spent your clout
the bill is due,
but you can't pay,
like a rubber check you bounce away,

but there's a place the sun is shining
and that's the place I'm headed,
beyond the steel blades of your love
where other hearts were shredded.

I'm pushing through and I can see
there's a better life for me.
So goodbye baby, seems we're done,
can't even say that its been fun

but then, to you it's all the same
I'm just a player in your game
well, this is it, the final score
you've won the battle
but I won the war.