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Kristy Gould


Valley Head, WV, US

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Brave Firefighter


Kristy Gould

He Had Something Inside Of Him,
Something So Proud & So Bold.
He Had The Courage To Fight The Flames,
Along With The Strength To Beat The Cold.

During Times Of Crisis He Was One Of The First Ones In.
To Rescue A Stranger Or Even His Closest Friend.
To This Special Person We Give Great Thanks.
Because Of His Bravery This World Is A Safer Place.
He Stared In The Face Of Death Without A Second Thought,
To Save That Someone’s Life He So Bravely Sought.
Has Walked As Close To Hell On Earth As Any Man Could Do,
Proud Of The Job He Did For The People He Never Knew.
He Put His Life On The Line Every Time Duty Called,
Always Doing What Needed Done Without Even A Pause.

He Was A Fireman With Overwhelming Pride.
A Spark In His Eye & Fire In His Heart Impossible To Hide.
Taken From Us So Early With So Much Life Left To Live.
In His Short Time With Us To All He Had Lots To Give.
We Took For Granted He’d Always Be Here To Answer The Call,
For We Knew He'd Be There To Protect Us One And All.
Through The Pain And The Sorrow It Is Hard To See,
That The One Thing We Can't Fight Is Our Destiny.

One Thing Is For Sure, Soon Our World Shall Be Brighter,
Illuminated By The Soul Of This Brave Firefighter.