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Seven Gotti


Garland, TX, US

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Blank Stare


Seven Gotti

Just to look at the stars above,
I tilt my head to the omniplex of stars,
Just to feel what we call, Love,
Killing time and brain cells waltzing through bars,
Only to find less than desired
Nothing significant required
While tempts flare and become irritated
Only way for our dry wells to irrigate
To deeper, meaningful waters..
Above the view of celestial hair,
I stand quietly with
A Blank Stare...

If You Had .......


Seven Gotti

Knights, so fair and quaint
Days, to countdown for rescue
Dreams, that could determine where u stand
Nightmares, so u understand
Emotions, u would feel the same
Way, I do
If I Had, U
None of this
Would matter...