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Charlotte Gorman


Lorton, VA, US

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So very familiar


Charlotte Gorman

Have you ever seen someone
standing in the street under the sun
or in a movie or TV show
that you so well know
but you can't remember their name
you're caught in a puzzle, a mind game
so very familiar

Racking your tired brain
your guesses all in vain
Their features begin to taunt you
"Name this person you once knew!"
suddenly a wave of relief
knowing his name you are free of grief
so very familiar

A Cover


Charlotte Gorman

So sickly sweet
Upturned corners
Empty emotion
A cover

Smile of sin
Guise only for fools
Trapped below is only darkness
A cover

I'm dizzy
Oh, so confused
Have i fallen
A cover

Mistakes we tend to make


Charlotte Gorman

Your words come out wrong
Victim feels insulted and demeaned
You trip and fall onto another
Victim feels hurt and angry
You accidently sound haughty and elevated
Victim feels disgusted and exasperated
Oh, the mistakes we tend to make!

You're better than that


Charlotte Gorman

You're better than that
Really, how could she get so fat?
His color choices clash
Everyone is ready to criticize in a flash
But really, that fat woman and the fashion mistake of a man
Is looking at you thinking "Wow, what an awful tan!"
Maybe if we were just more supportive and nice
Good-natured society would sit toghether and eat rice
You're better than that

Oh, Stranger!


Charlotte Gorman

I love that I don't know you
Your face is like no other
Who are you?
What do you do?
Why are you here, in this place?
My curiousity overwhelms me
But the game would be through
If I knew
Oh, Stranger!

You could be my friend
We could have met before
In another life
But you do not know me
Yet our glances meet
And the electricity is great
We do not attract
We are but similar poles like magnets
I know in your head
The same thoughts as mine are running through your head
Oh, Stranger!

Descriptive - Snow


Charlotte Gorman

Senses of cold

I feel numb and frozen

I see only pure white goodness on the frozen ground

I hear dead silence, like it is the middle of the night

I taste powdery snowflakes on my tongue

I touch the crunchy snow beneath my black rubber boots