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Barbara Gordon


Trenton, TN, US

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That Dratted Angel


Barbara Gordon

I was standing on a fluffy cloud, when Gabriel happened by.
He said, "I'm glad to see you friend,I must teach you how to fly."

I peeked back at my flimsy wings,and said,"Boy, I can't even swim."
"So what makes you think I'm going to fly, USING ONLY THEM!"

"Oh that is very simple",his face split in a grin
"You just step forward off that cloud, and your lesson will begin!"

"I know you've been up here awhile, so you can't help yourself
But buddy have you ever took a long look at that first step!"

"If you won't learn to use your wings, I'll simply tell the boss
He'll count you as hell's victory, while Heaven grieves your loss

With a smirk that dratted angel, fluffed his wings and flew away
I swallowed air, closed my eyes, and I began to pray

As I stepped off into empty space, my ears began to ring
But before I fell, I made a vow to clip off Gabriel's WINGS!