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Brenda Goodwin


Punta Gorda, FL, US

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Brenda Goodwin

I grace these sacred walls
with my own hallowed halls.
I am a ray of light bent in sideral time.
I carry purpose, reason, and rhyme.
I am Offspring of the One,
powered by Venus, goddess of love,
Arrowed by Mercury, a chosen thought,
manifest, enbodied in earth mattered aught.

I am substance of yesterday, a living See
Crystal creation living in me.
DNA machination - I would be free
of your turning, chime of lineage
fraught by your own spinage.

Beta. Beta. Electrons spin,
with all the pains of yester's kin.
Direct my thought no more.
I center in my soul.
No charge or frequency,
Completion, whole.

I charge my thought with moral right
creating lack of strife.
I charge my life
with Conscience as my guide,
steady and true,
I live without rue.

Two streams of living Sees flow
beneath the countenance of man.
One is Conscience, moral right invoked.
It is a lighted path, a lamp beneath my feet,
the Fires of Fairness stoked.

One is conscious awareness
of my thought and of my need
and how I feed from others my steed.
In pretensee, I speak fair word
to gain or gleam,
harvest from others, knowing they are blind
confused by my reason and rhyme.

Words of love spoken hide the lust
that robs of purity.
It is submission to a false god.
Arms embraced 'til heart is robbed
of any semblance of trust and certainty.

O Fare Word Cloaked, wherein deceit lies,
it is you that rivets life.
War, naught fought on battlefields,
but bedded whore, wrapped in silkened, satin sheets,
deception at its core.

It is duality inverse, bound and cursed.
Frequency, energy, proton, electron, neutron, rest.
It is Love and Lust, cast in one breast.