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Aisha Goodwin


Portsmouth, OH, US

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Be Free


Aisha Carter

He was free, caus he opened his eyes and could see.

Free like the mighty wind that fills the hearts of sinners.

God saved a retch like him, and God can save you and me.

He lived his life like the walking dead,
him and his home boys on the run from God and the Feds.

They thought soul food came from the Diner on 14th and Waller.
The drug they call "Chicken", to some folks is finger licken.

In all truth, the Devil gave him things of this world.
But if you want real soul food; I say to you give God a try!

He can save a retch like you and me.
Home boys soul is now set free.
Free from Lucifers diner.

He's a strong black man on his journey to Mt. Zion.

Black Woman


Aisha Carter

Be careful black women.
If you reap what you sow.

Your out there in the world
without morals and pure souls.

You decided early for you
there would be no college.

Our men are dangerous and they hate us.
They'd rather have white bread instead.

Where are you sistas with strength and knowledge.
They all got locked up.

And their temple is in bondage.

Behind every strong man a strong black woman should stand.

The fleshly sins we do with our temple's will remind us
how they did Jezebel in.

When does the struggle end and when do we let
wisdom and knowledge come in.

Be careful black women what you reap is what you shall sow.

The Beautiful and Untold


Aisha Carter

The horrible, terrible shaking of the earth beneath my feet.
The stench is enormously strong. The world is lost forever.
I'm not sure. I'm just a girl with some dreams.

OH, God will my dreams come true. My heart hurts so badly , I'm scared.
I wanted so much to do this and do that.

No, this isn't reality, this doesn't seem right to me at all.
Do not fore sake me my Lord Jesus. I love you and your name.
Repent all over, I will do Lord. My ambitions and all I owned are gone.
Lord where did they go? Let me just live another day.
A day in this awful world of sin, so I can breathe the dream just a little more.

Fore Sake me not Jesus I know thy name. A soldier in your army I will be, please choose me! The earth is dark and hell is hot. Hold me I'm scared. I can lead, I can lead them all.
I was born to be a leader. I will fight for you on this day.

Forget my dreams and ambitions. I'll fight for you.
Forget me not Lord for I know and Love thy name.

?Who Can Save Me?


Aisha Carter

Who knows you better than you know yourself and can feel the pain that embraces your body when the emotions beat down on you so hard, that you can't breathe and you feel too weak to talk or to walk. All you can do is cry out for help. Help, that God might save your sole from such pain and depression.

When you feel no one knows you and no one cares God does. He hears and sees all. He sees those tears as they run down your bewildered face. He cries for you, when you explain your fears and tell him the ailness of your heart.

Oh God, Oh Jesus, where are you now? I need you so; to hold and comfort me today. Please Lord stand beside me, to bless me when I'm right and protect me when I'm wrong. The faith is strong, I know you can save me from this suffering. Tell me more about how you'll make everything better. Oh God, what would I do without you. Your real and your love is too. You saved me once again Lord. You helped me through.

The Pain


Aisha Carter

The pain lies deep. Deep; Way to deep to pull at. The heart aches, it actually feels like it's going to collapse and stop working. The tears fall like raindrops falling from the sky. One minute your happy and the next you can't talk. You get all choked up and red in the face. You try to hide it but someone eventually says; What's wrong??? Then the sadness comes back. You start remembering all the horrible stuff you tried so hard to hide and to forget about, for at least a little while. The whole time your wondering does the other person feel the same way? Do they or are they experiencing the same emotions that you are? You can't talk, but you manage to say that nothing is wrong. They keep digging deeper, but the pain is too strong. So the pain stays, your depressed and feeling like you have no friend in the world. I'm describing the feeling of losing someone that you love. Not to death, but because they wanted to leave.



Aisha Carter

How do I, How can I , How could I express my inner most thoughts and feelings to you. You know love is a lot of things. It is kind, gentle, warm, soft, and even painful at times. I love to love you. I love the word love. I love (Love)!!!
But love is nothing but just a word if you don't Love God. You don't love yourself and you don't Know God. See I'm in love. Not with the world or the person, but the spirit. I'm crazy in love for two people at once. Three people, no four people at once. You see I know love, I feel the power of the word and the movement in it. It flows like a cool breeze, until it feels the air. Take advantage of it, use it. It's there for whoever, whomever and everyone to grab. Wrap around me my love, warm my heart and clear my mind. My heart has a fire for only you dear and warm free flowing love. Fill me up with your joy, because its your love that has kept me. Its your love that flows so freely for me to breathe in and exhale out. It's your love that makes me smile. Love, Love, Love. Everyone needs a little love. Give me that genuine never gave before love. Don't scoop out some left over love, some of that love that someone else may have left behind. Feed me with something!
fresh, something warm and made especially for my heart and sole. While I'm loving you, time should stand still. Because my love for you isn't gone in a hurry. No, my love for you is patient and hungry for you. Hungry for your spirit. My love knows no time. For your love I would sacrifice all time created between heaven and earth. For your love I will be sitting low and looking high. Thanking the Almighty one for all the blessings given to me. The blessings of your love was given to me.

I Love You

Hear my Prayer


Aisha Carter

Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness! Give ear to my words, O Lord, Consider my meditation. You have relieved me in my distress:
Have mercy on me, and hear my prayer. Oh Lord, my God, I cried out to you and you have healed me. Lord you brought my soul up from the grave. In your faithfulness answer me and in your righteousness. Please do not enter into judgement with I your servant, For in your sight no one living is righteous. My spirit is overwhelmed within me; My heart within me is distressed. I meditate on your faithfulness on this day and spread out my hands to you. My soul longs for you like a thirsty land. Answer me speedily, O Lord, My spirit fails! For in you I depend and trust. Cause me to know the way in which I should walk and talk. For I life up my soulto you!

In Jesus name I pray

Hear My Prayer II


Aisha Carter

Oh Lord, I can hear you voice saying to me " You don't have to worry nor be afraid". I trust in you and know that these things I can bare.
When I was troubled I forgot to call on the name of the Lord. God when my joy came I whispered a Thank You Jesus. But you are so merciful and full of Love that you forgave me.
Lord my God, of everything that is good, Satan is determined to take me to my death again. I beg and pray that you save me from the wicked. Lord, I pray that you bless and have mercy on those evildoers that would like to devour I your servant.
Lord, help me to love and not be angry, for I know that it is the spirit that is in need. I praise you Lord because Satan is busy. Let your will be done and let this make me a stronger person.

In Jesus Name
A MAN!!!

My name has changed :-)


Aisha Carter

My name has changed from Carter to Goodwin. It feels so good to be me. My name has changed from Carter to Goodwin, because my man just had to marry me. You see I charmed him with my smile and loved him all the while, and kissed his lips until they went from brown to red. Oh, yes, my name has changed and it feels so good to be me. The marriage bed is sweet like a song. Strumming his pain with my fingers singing life like a song, killing me softly with his touch, he's killing me softly, telling my whole life with his words, killing me softly. La, La, La, La, La,La. Yes, the marriage bed is strong and protective. Whew, let me catch my breath and be calm, cool, and collective. Too bad you aint me, because marriage has been good to me. I'll just keep singing my songs and loving life,la,la,la,la,la! I've taken on my husbands name but yet I feel free. Life is really good to me.