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Mary Gonzalez


West New York, NJ, Hudson

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Poetry is Our Cafe


Mary Gonzalez

Poetry is our Cafe,
Pouring metaphors into tiny teacups,
Our words..oops..worlds collided one September day

Sipping, merrily our tea,
we shared a piece of cake together
Our ears drunk with words...our Poetry
Our souls slowly becoming lovers

Sitting at table number three,
The waiter took our orders,
Served us toast and Rosy Lee
As we two sat deep in thoughts pondering one another.

Poetry is our Cafe,
And words our favorite brew,
It seems like only yesterday,
In a cozy little cafe, two bards and you!

Brave Heart


Mary Gonzalez

The day I heard your voice for the very first time,
It felt as if heaven opened up its gate for me.
My soul felt heavenly chimes!

You dazzled me with your sweetness...
And made my heart rejoice
Now my life is filled with sunshine
I am illuminated by the sunshine of your smile~
Our conversation seemed to last an eternity
Even though we chatted for just a little while.

Love is a wonderful experience.
It is an exquisite gift from above.
Love brings you true happiness.
Your soul can't get enough!

Across the miles our lives have come together
By an invisible, cosmic force,
It has bound our hearts and souls forever
As if by a feat of Destiny;

My life has been blessed because of you.
You've made my heart complete.
Our souls are like a puzzle
Which if put together turns into an exquisite pattern!
I am glad our lives have fused together..
And I took a calculated chance,
For when God brings a blessing; something of great value
As He has given me in you,
You cannot let it slip away
You must fight a never-ending battle...
You must not let love get away.
You must do whatever you can do
To make the dream come true!

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