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Linda Gonzales


Marina, CA, US

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I'll Draw You A Picture


Linda Gonzales

I'll draw you a picture
I'll draw it with a twist
I'll draw it with a razorblade
I'll draw it on my wrist
And if I draw it correctly
A red fountain should appear
And it will wash away my pain
It will wash away my fear
No more of all this yelling
No more of all this crying
Just this time
It's only me



Linda Gonzales

Oh what pain is this
To be denied one's true wish
For every word is an ache
Stab's at the heart for it to break
Longing for a love so near
Never having it is the greatest fear
Sleep will only come with crying
Peace will only come with dying



Linda Gonzales

What do you do when sometimes it hurt's to much to live?
You feel like you want to give in,
Like hope is lost,
And living is'nt worth the cost?
What do you do when sometimes you want to let go?
Cry and let your feelings show,
Wish things would mend,
When what you really need is an end?
What do you do,
When sometimes,
Is all the time?

Dear God


Linda Gonzales

Dear God...
They say your always helping
Those who are in need
I hope that thats the case
Because I need your help indeed

Im not very good at this prayer stuff
But Ill try and give you my best
I want mt pain to go away
And give my friends worry a rest

This pain, it hurts so bad
All I want is to release
I want it all to stop
Even if my life must cease

I want these tears to stop streaming down my face
I'd like to have a smile
Instead of this sorrowful frown
I want to be able to fly instead of being on the ground

Most of all, God,
I want to stop hurting myself
To stop hurting the ones I love
All I want is to give love and be loved

I dont want to cut myself, to scar myself
Even if it takes my mind off my pain
I know this must sound crazy
Pain to take away pain?

But for me you see it's true
The physical pain I gain
Takes away the inner pain I live
Ive set my life to this as a rule

I know that I shold talk about my pain
"Tell a friend or a trusted adult"
But Im so afraid that if I tell
Theyll laugh and go away

Dear God
Im praying to you
Because a friend let me in
He told me to go to you
And not to give in

Im telling you my problems
To see if you could fix them
Or give me some advice
So I can make them go away

I dont want to cry anymore
I dont want to wish I was dead anymore
I dont want to go to sleep tonight
And awake to my problems and strife

Sure I laugh and smile
Like everyone going by
But they dont know that my real feelings
Are hidden deep inside

They dont know about my tears
Know knowthing of my fears
All but one
Knows of what Ive done

He told me about you, God
Said youd be willing to help
I hope that is true
I need it in this life Ive been delt

I guess thats about it
Ive nothing left to say
And I promise, if you get me through this
Ill continue to pray



Linda Gonzales

He loves me
He loves me not
I pull at a daisy
But the petals stop
They fall to the floor
And lie in a heap
My feelings are true
That's why I weep
He love's her
No longer me
Tears mix with the petals
And I drown in the sea



Linda Gonzales

There's this funny little thing called love
It can come and go like a gust of wind
It can trade off from one person to the next
Unpredictable and unexplainable are what it's about
You never know when it's coming or how you'll recieve it
But once you have it you'll never want to let go
Though it often does go, shattering your heart along the way
Makes you never want it again out of fear and sadness
Only, slowly you heal, and smile once again
Then, suddenly there's a new face that makes your heart flutter
On and off it goes throughout your young life
As sad as it may seem, most of us
Will go through people as we do clothes
Yet some have long loving relationships
That often blossom into marriage
Some wonder why people put up with it
It can hurt you, stab you in the back, and sadly
Even make you want to take your life
Yet the reward seems to be the catch
The ability to share with someone
The secrets you thought you'd carry to your grave
To trust someone with all you have
And know that its returned
Recieving unbelievable happiness and joy
From just the sight of someone
Its a wonderful feeling
Shared between two
That can turn into the adventure of a lifetime