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Kelsey Gongwer


Tucson, AZ, US

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Predetermined Fate


Kelsey Gongwer

Embraced by the darkness
Floor boards squeak above
Bodies crammed like sardines
So close we experience each other's
Feelings of fear
As end draws near
Only emptiness to fill us
Hunger tearing at our souls
Ripping at the seams
Freedom is our goal
Our belief is our doom
Loathed for our dreams
Killed because of our difference
As though we aren't human beings
Branded with labels of obscurity
Because they can't comprehend our faith
Their misconception is our diminution
For our lives I pray
Death so much easier
To terminate the pain
Abandon the hate and injustice
Yet simple escapes are not solutions
But paths away from our pride
Doors slam, shouts surrounf
Stomps of soldiers bring mud to our heads
Breaths cease, fears vibrate
Familiar sounds of bullets seperating flesh
Released from memory
Taking over conscious
Glass crashes, memories crushed
Former lives corrupted
Clinging for the future
Roars of dissaproval, invasion suppresssed
Safe for this moment
Hunching together anticipating
Next time
Searching for a loophole in the inevitable