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Ari Goldstein


East Brunswick, NJ, US

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Ari Goldstein

Once you left me to go back home,
I knew it would be hard on my heart.
Not being able to see you and hold you,
Was the horrible feeling of us being apart.

When I sleep at night your face fills my dreams,
But when I wake up my heart feels so cold.
I want you to come and visit real soon
Cause the memories I have are so old.

Confused with all the emotions I feel,
I try to comprehend.
I shouldn't have fallen in love with you,
Because I knew it was going to end.

I cherished every kiss you gave me,
From the first one to the last.
I tried my hardest to hold onto you
But the summer went so fast.

I don't want to just sit here,
And wait for you anymore.
I thought things would get easier,
But they're harder then before.

Standing with you under the stars,
I loved when you held me real tight.
The comfort that you made me feel,
Everything was so right.

Everytime I think of you,
My eyes start to fill with tears.
Your voice always calms me down,
It gets rid of all my fears.

My heart still beats a faster beat,
There's so much that I gained.
It's just the breaking of my heart,
It's our end that brought me pain.

You're the only one that can open my heart,
And let my emotions roam free.
With you being so far away,
You don't know how much you mean to me.

So Far Away Yet So Close To My Heart


Ari Goldstein

Being with you felt to great
Knowing that you care
Feeling comfort in your arms
Our friendship was so rare

I loved to hang around you
To see you in my sight
And sneak around to be together
It just felt so right

We later had to say goodbye
It's hard to be apart
Crying doesn't help the pain
That worsens in my heart

Day after day I try to cope
Just wishing you were here
Can't wait to get another kiss
I'll see you in a year