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Jackie Glover


Hampton, VA, US

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Jackie Glover

The mind is magnificently splendid, cunning yet refined
It's hard to believe its content is merely tissue
With blood intertwined.
All of your doubts, your fears, your many inhibitions,
Catoragized in order of they're true intentions.
All of that and more can be found here
Home movies, scrapbooks of those you want to hate
Of those you hold most dear.
Instant gratification destined due in good time
Leaving morality vague quietly sublime
There are many empty caverns full of brilliant light
Standing alone in the darkness, dormant waiting to come to life.
So powerful is the minds persuasion you have acted on sheer impulse, thinking you should've thought it over when in fact it was your thought first. For yours the decision was not, somewhere along this path you forgot
That the mind cannot be your master
Its erratic ego alone will surely lead to pure disaster.
Go into the caverns deep within your mind give warmth to your brilliant light, which will be the love you desperately seek to find.
Mind you all that you encounter may be more than you can bare, embrace the pain while you bask in the joy
Of your dreams if you dare, visualize what you will with the eyes of your soul the windows to a higher plateau
Existing beyond the mind but unattainable without
having you, not your mind in control