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Nickey "sweets" Gleason


Krakow, WI, US

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When and How


Nickey "sweets" Gleason

How did I_
Start to care for you.
Long to touch you.
Feel happy too.

When did you_
Feel the same way.
Realize you love me this way.
Become happy too.

How did we_
Come together.
Trust each other.
Commit to loving each other.

When did the world_
Fade away.
Stay away.
Become our fantasy.

How do we_
Remain this way.
Contain our hearts.
Fight but never cry.

When did it_
Become you and me.
Fit together.
Become reality.

It all happened the day you told me you loved me. That is when. It was you crying. That is how.