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Brandi Gleason


Fresno, CA, US

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Being a single mom- it's tough!


Brandi Gleason

I thought I knew who you were
I never dreamed this would occur
You loved me before, what went wrong?
Did I say the wrong thing or play the wromng song?
A child now is brought to life
but only to see me in living strife
his daddy's gone, what do I do?
I've got to start my life anew
He's all I live for now, you know
wish you were here, you'd love him so
I never knew love untill I saw him
I felt it so deep, so deep within
With out you he will grow
he may never know
it's hard for me without you
being a parent was cut out for two
Between my job and laundery
that doesn't leave much time for me
But day by day
I see him play
and grow and learn and thrive
I now thank god that I'm alive

So single mom's out there it's true
There is someone just like you
I know it's hard, but hold on tight
everything will be alright
Stay close to friends and love your child
don't let him go buck-wild
If you blame yourself you'll never survive
let it go and FEEL ALIVE!
You've made a choice and now you pay
but love your child, God wants it that way
it's not your fault you're all alone
turn to God and Jesus' Throne
Live your life with no regret
and day by day don't ever forget
I'm doing it too and I know it's difficult
but now is the time to be the adult.



Brandi Gleason

Who is he?
Who is God?
I love him
but some ask how I can love something I never saw?
I don't know, ask him and you'll find out.