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M. Gleason


St. Joseph, MN, US

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M. Gleason

My acres of beautiful oak
All burned since you rode through my
My seedling of pride
Torn from it's newly sprouted green
I no longer retain water
For my oceans all blue and calm
Now dry from your thirsty boat
I am idle
My vessel of a world
Sinks beneath the camouflage of a woman
Over time I grow again
My burning flame simmers to a glow
And you ride proudly on
To another serene trail
And soon will blaze
And soon will go dry
For you are the takers of us all
And the taker of my tiny heart



M. Gleason

Welcome to my dream world
A world without walls that holds me in too tight
This spinning party of despair
I am exposed, rudely refined and bare
Introverted in my own self doubt
A twisted weed in a straw strait garden
Clutching familiarity
What they see is a nothing
A threadbare version of my true self
Sweaty palms
A gray faced breeder of humiliation
For the world itself is but my lucid dream
To hold it and watch it
So lucid
Oh, let it swallow me whole