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Aymara B. Gispert


Oklahoma City, OK, US

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Reach for the Sky


Aymara B. Gispert

Go ahead and reach for the Sky, don't
let anything stop you, hold your Head up
High, enjoy Life Savor it, for tomorrow
is already here and if you do not make
the best of it, you'll be sorry in Twenty
Years. Fall in Love, Smell the Roses,
enjoy Yourself be Happy, say what you Feel
let everyone know your for Real, and tell the
one You Love there is no one like Them.
Taake all the Chances that come Your Way, don't
let anything Pass You, make no Mistake, Live
Today like you won't see tomorrow, and You'll
take with you no Sorrow. Count all Your Blessings
Beleive in Something, don't Settle for Nothing
and Never be Sorry.
Thank whatever it is You Beleive in every Morning
when you wake, for giving You One More Day, and
Never Ever take Anything for Granted.