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Ryan Gish


Glendale, CO, US

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Walking Down This Path With You


Ryan Gish

Walking down this path with you
Confused as to who knows which road we take.
Sun beats down on our smiling faces and dusty fingertips
Lost each other once before, Jagged rocks and avalance
Stormy nights and hailstorms with you
Thundering wall I live for you
We leave our shelter behind and separate
When I fall you find your way
Ragged clothes and headache mend me with your bright eyes and feel my soul with yours
I wake to another day dream fades into its self
I look up to the sky
Tumbling time I fall behind
Hair askew, wrinkled clothes, I take a picture in my mind
All is covered by dark and sleep arrives
Gasp and scratch, peel and fight it takes me far away from my thoughts
Juices flowing bring me deeper than I went the night before Saddnes disputes into another day filled with hopes and dreams
One day our crooked paths will straighten and we will walk through the bumps and curves with sweaty palms and sweet lips clasped tight.
Fear aside and all is right.