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Vegas Girl


Las Vegas, NV, US

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ur poses


Vegas Girl

listening to them
stupid dreams
fucked up high hopes
they think they're so much better
than that girl in the corner
they write their names down on a piece
of paper
thinking they're so damn pimp
pushing us all aside
Till we fall to their rules
and abide
creeeping along
screaming our way
to the point in life
don't u know i hate u?
isn't it ovious in my words?
i'm giving u a hint
to leave me the hell alone
and just walk away
i'll give u reasonable doubt
on the fact that ur blind
to all of my intentions
can't u tell the difference
of a smile and a threat
i'm not ur perfect girl
i don't want poses
so stop looking at me

Who's Alone?


Vegas Girl

That girl
Stands in her own little shell
With no to talk to
She watches the pretty girls dance
As she moves in her mind
To a rthym unknown to popoular peole that don't listen to the little kids screams
One girl
speaks of rejection
To a circle a friends
How can she be alone
When no one leaves her side
In her head
Nothing is good enough
high matienecerules over morals
Is she alone
or selfish