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Little Girl


Small Town, WI, US

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Little Girl

Every time I see you
it tears me apart
I really, truly love you
from the bottom of my heart

I try to go and see you
as much as I possibly can
Every time I leave you
I wonder if I'll ever see you again

I try to tell you thank you
but the words come out all wrong
Time is running out
I know I don't have very long

You told me that you love me
and that you always did
So many things to say
just so little time

I know that you know
I love you
I just want the pain to go away
go away forever

I hate seeing you suffer
it's killing me inside
I want to run away from it all
I want to forever hide

I never thought I would lose you,
why does God have to choose you?



Little Girl

Sometimes I just wish that
someone was there
The times when I have some
random thought to share
When I feel all alone
and just want to be held
For my guy to look down and
give me a kiss on my forehead.

Someone to come home to...
even to complain to
A night were I can hold him,
as we lie in bed
Someone to wake up to
with a smile on my face,
can make this world feel
like everything's in place.

When I am feeling confused,
someone who can tell me what to do
When I know "little secrets"
someone to tell them to

I want to have that one person there
that can make every minute
seem worth-while
The guy who can share his thoughts
or feelings without any denial.

Someone who you know
in your heart, will always be there
The one who is giving his life to share.



Little Girl

At this point in my life,
I'm trying to find out who I am.
Knowing my friends who care,
and the ones who don't give a damn.
Thinking about where I've been,
and where it is I'm going.
So many disappointments in myself,
make sure they're not showing.
Sometimes it just feels like
my life has no meaning.
Then I find these people,
that I didn't know were there.
When all the long while,
they've been waiting for me to care.
If you could find the right place
and find the right face,
this world could really be a beautiful place.

Mothers Day


Little Girl

On this special Mother's Day,
I'd like to praise you in this way...

To give thanks for all the
good that you have done.

You made me who I am,
and the woman I've become.

Everything true and pure in me,
I have received from you.

I miss all your good advice
and I just wish that you could see

Who I am today,
and who I will someday be.

As time fades away,
I know you'll be watching over me.

You will be my guardian angel,
until one day, we again meet.

I Love You Grandma.
Mary A. Winchell
8/4/28 - 1/29/99



Little Girl

Have you ever wondered what makes you cry
May be saying hello or saying goodbye

Finally finding the love of your life
leaving your husband or leaving your wife

the dramatic movie that brings a tear to your eyes
finding out the truth behind all those lies

holding your child for the very first time
being at fault for a horrible crime

not knowing what to do when your little baby's gone wild
or creating the death of an unborn child

when someone you love is feeling sad
when you hurt someone and you're feeling bad

losing your father or losing your mother
losing your love to another

losing your house because you don't have the money
laughing too hard at something that's funny

Some don't understand why people cry
if you really look, there is always a reason why



Little Girl

As they stand there in the familiar place,
he gently pulls the hair away from her face.
He looks at her, while his eyes swell up with tears;
she turns away from him, knowing her fear.
She knows it is coming to an end,
she's losing herself and her best friend.
After everything, it's finally done.
She can no longer be his number one.
They tried and tried, but could not make it last; though she cannot bear the fact that she is part of his past.
He wasn't asking for much, just that he felt a love;
when he felt a touch.
And if she could come home with him at night,
and they wake in the morning without a fight.
Then it hits her, she doesn't like how she starts to feel,
this is happening; this is real.
She just lost everything that she had,
with the blink of an eye, their good relationship turned bad. She begins to wonder how she can make it everyday,
with them going their seperate way.
Why does she realize now, a little too late...
this was meant to be, this was fate.