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Bhakta Raj Giri


Shivalaya, Sibsoo, Samchi, Bhutan

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Ah! My heart


Bhakta Raj Giri

My heart goes to bed
dashing, pushing
and mocking my wife,
who tends with great delight
until it slumbers.
Then on it, eyes of mine
do rest for hours
floating on all my dreams.
At six,
pokes and pricks me in bed,
till pushes me out.
Drops down to mimic
every stride of mine.
When I depart,
comes to threshold
babbles Bye! Bye!
Opening the casket
reveals tiny two little stars
enough to brighten day.
I behold it at work
and fidget to see it back.
When completely exhausted,
I arrive at the door
there comes it,
shadowing its mom.
hugs me sitting on my lap
clicking my refresh button.
Investigates like a policeman
probes a pick-pocket,
toddles off with some sweets
if not, satisfies with a pen.
Lost in his own world
starts to babble...
Mother smiles_
for her own reasons.

Ah! My heart,
works a miracle.