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Spreading her wings delicately slow.
Wondering where she should go.
Alone tasting freedom for the first time.
Her thoughts speeding through her mind.
Curiously not knowing where to begin.
For outside the garden she has never been.

Closing her unwillingly slow.
Trying to understand what she does not know.
A little frightened by what sees.
Having second thoughts wanting to retrieve.
All the curiousity she felt is now gone.
For in the garden is where she belongs!




I have this numb feeling inside me,and do not sense I am falling.
I did not know this was happening,and did not know this was what I was longing.
How do you know what you want,or what you need?
This numbness I feel is enraged,and upon my soul I fear it will feed.
Who I was I do not remember,for my heart and mind are stalling.
For on the outside I am happy and content,but on the inside I am falling.

I smile and stand alone in my own world of fear.
There is no pain,no hurt,for in this world I do not shed a single tear.
I am to scared to understand that this numbness can not go away.
Because if I want to exist,to live and go on I must let it stay.
At night it whispers secrets to me,it is in my mind,it is always calling.
But tonight I can't hear it ,for now I sense I am rapidly falling!

She is...



She is running against time.
Lost with an unstable mind.
Unaware of the journey to come.
Of the pain the has yet begun.

She is hiding,trying not to be seen.
Unable to understand what life means.
Wanting nothing else,but to be free.
Now the good and giving she an not see.

She is remembering, what she has forgot.
Trying to feel,what she cannot.
Coping with reality on her own.
Searching and for her home.

She is confused,wanting to disappear.
Frightened by her mind,living in fear.
Alone in her thoughts,wishing she could flee.
Realizing who she has become,who she'll be.

She is finally awakened,for that she is me!