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Jack W. Gill


Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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The Plea


Jack W. Gill

Permanently casual,
Now thatís a mouthful;
Seems less than normal,
Not a real job full.

Higher rate paid though,
Shorter time there so,
As long as I do go
When they say so.

Called to say quick come,
I canít get my sitter chum;
Said I should think quick,
My job if not come slick.

What do I do, go?
No job unless I do so;
No food to eat next week,
Must earn money to eat.

Leave kids itíll be sweet,
Pray hard they both stay asleep;
The pressureís to much, ease!
Leave kids alone come please.

Relax they said, how to?
No matter how hard I try to,
My mind screams they need me,
Leave work to go home see.

Arrive as they come out,
Police said drunk no doubt,
Work instead me sir,
No choice so I did err.

Might take my kids away,
Fined up to a months pay;
Oh dear Iím a mess me,
How do I plea?