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Lisa Gilbert


Wakefield, England, UK

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The Price To Pay - A Warning


Lisa Gilbert

I felt the grip of my hand get tighter and tighter,
As I read the telegram I had been sent.
I read the words but they would not register,
What the message said I could not believe.

You see two years today I last saw my son,
As he waved me goodbye I'd hoped it wasn't for long.
He'd gone to join the army, to serve for his Queen,
Promised me he'd be home, I'd not know he'd been.

He was at the front, attacking the Germans,
The year was '45, the location the Somme,
He was sent over the top and faced showers of bullets,
He was instantly killed, dead in one well-aimed hit.

So now I will never see him again,
Although I know he did not die in vain.
We won the war, a victorious day,
Although I find it a large price to pay.

Exam Relief


Lisa Gilbert

End of exams, I'm so glad,
No more of this feeling sad
We can party whenever we like,
All the stress can take a hike!

No more revision, lots more fun,
Now we can go and play in the sun.
We're not stuck learning all our notes,
All of this stress was never a joke.

Being sixteen is so much fun,
We can do the things which we've never done.
The only problem with being this age
Is the stress of exams which we have to face.

But now it's all over, we can give a big cheer,
Go out at nights without the fear,
That we should be stuck revising all day,
We can smile and relax, I love the holidays.

The Parents' Christmas


Lisa Gilbert

"Oh my goodness!
Oh my gracious!
Christmas is here again!"
The parents all cried together in vain.

"Out we'll dash, coats and all,
Dragging our children 'round the mall.
'I want this and that and this,' they'll shout,
Whilst we're trying to drag them out!"

"Toys galore we'll be carrying,
Whilst the children will be marrying,
All the toys that they see.
Will they ever think of me?"

All Alone


Lisa Gilbert

I'm a little girl,
My name is Joan,
And I live right out here,

At night I hear,
the ghosties moan,
and a wolf a-howling,

When I go outside,
to fetch my dog a bone,
The trees they...whistle?

I'm a little girl,
My name is Joan,
And I live right out here,

The Sweetie Promise


Lisa Gilbert

Disappointed, double jointed,
Silly little me.
I thought that I could,
Win what I should,
As happy as can be.

High hoping, really dopey,
I grew a great big head.
It expanded and took advantage,
While I was in bed.

Down in the dumps,
Extremely glum,
I read the explanation.
Nearly crying and half-dying,
I found this invitation:




Lisa Gilbert

Is Valentine.
Love and cherish,
People carish.

Is flower time.
Roses, daises, poppies too,
In the trees birds bill and coo.

Is colour time.
Leaves red, brown, yellow,
All soft and mellow.

Is snowman time.
Balls put together,
In the cool, icy weather.

New Year's Eve


Lisa Gilbert

On New Year's Eve I awoke with the noise,
In Mum and Dad's bedroom I could hear the voice:
"Oh look it's snowing," shouted my Dad,
And I became very, very glad.

And then I went into my sister's bedroom,
We watched television and, then soon,
It was time to get dressed, "Mum, do we have to?"
"Yes," said Mum, "But no buts and no clatter!"

In the afternoon, I went to a match,
Between the scum, Liverpool, and the rest of my batch.
Dad came with me to watch us win,
And the songs everyone sung raised such a din!

In the evening everybody arrived,
To our little party, we all sat inside.
We sand "Happy Birthday" to our Auntie Anne,
Because everyone knows, we're her biggest fans.

It was very exciting, because it was ten o' clock,
"Nearly there," said Dad and everyone stopped,
We all had a laugh and played a few games,
And the exciting moment came.

"Happy New Year!" Everyone said to everyone,
"Now we'll all have lots of fun,
We must say this rhyme so we won't forget,
The good and bad times that we must have met!"