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Christalina Giebner


Waterford, MI, US

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because of you daddy .


Christalina Giebner

the tears that run down my face are tears of pain, not tears of joy .
i wanted you to be there for my wedding .
now you sit in a jail cell . thankx alot for braking your promises .
What happened to all the good night kisses .
I gave you one too many chances .

drift away


Christalina Giebner

She just lay there
Rists bledding arms wide open.
masscara runs down her face.
her face pail eyes blood shot.
he yells telling her to get her ass back out here.
that he was'nt done.
He toke all of her innocence that night.
she grabed her bag from the clost that night.
run, run, run, run, run,
thats all that goes thrue her mind as she slips into the ally way. she goes to the one place where she feels safe the peir . she just sits their, with the razor to her rists going dipper and deep untill she cant take it anymore.
walking in to the ocean that night she let go she let go of everything as she drifted away that early january morning.