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Joni Gibbs


Leon, OK, US

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Joni Gibbs

My earliest memories consist of you
holding my hand when I was small.
Looking up to see the twinkle in your blue eyes,
I felt you were at least ten feet tall.

Bullies, scrapes, and boo-boos
had everything to fear.
You'd ride in on your white horse
to extinguish all my tears.

While as a teenager
I tried to pull away.
I felt I knew more
than you any day!

The more I struggled,
the tighter you held.
Always ready to catch me
when I stumbled and fell.

As I became an adult,
our relationship continued to grow.
To one of friendship and advice -
the best I've ever known.

Now I am grown
with my own family to raise.
I can fully see your sacrifice
and how little it pays.

Watching you with my children
brings joy anew.
My greatest compliment is
I remind them of YOU!!!