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Gregory Giaquinto


Ft. Worth, TX, US

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What Will Be


Gregory Giaquinto

Burning fate and twisting scorn
My heart is pricked by a thorn
Shedding blood and spilling tears
My eyes they widen to my fears
What will come or what will pass
Lady luck I need not ask
Riddle me sober without cost
Charge my thoughts for what they've lost
Shut you out, but your still in
Dwelling where we should begin
See a vision and lose a friend
Quick to fear a struggling end
Cannot make one feel like I
That is dirt inside these eyes
Kiss a window and leave lip prints
They fade away like peppermints
Bait the fish and cast the hook
Catch a dream from a brook
An angel comes and teases me
Lifts me up and releases me
Felons of this guilty heart
Die to make a shotgun start
This road is endless forever blank
Piercing arrows the heart it sank
What will come or what will be?
Is there a light in me?
I don't know I want to see
If he and she is prosperity