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Michael Giaquinto


Fort Worth, TX, US

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Fast Forward


Michael Giaquinto

It sure is getting hot in here
I need a change in atmosphere
Or maybe we can clear the air
The view is fine from way up there
On your way down turn out the lights
And try to get some sleep tonight

Halfway to Hell in half a year
Then the Devil disappears
And I'm waking up on the Interstate
About to crash, but the scenery is great
Blinking at the beauty as I'm racing down the road
Riding on a rumor as the cylinders explode

Take your time, say hello
Say goodbye, it's time to go
It's time to fast forward



Michael Giaquinto

The days they come and the years they go
Like the sweep of the hands on a clock
I'm doing time on a silent row
And there's a numbing silence when we talk

Static crackles on the TV screen
Like the hiss of a jet in the sky
And I'm wondering of these things I've seen
I'm stumbling, wondering why

Ive heard the news and I've felt the heat
Like the pages of a book put to fire
And I've walked alone to a mournful beat
I've been beating pathways through the mire

Run with me
No more price to pay
Run with me
We will getaway

Welcome To The Endgame


Michael Giaquinto

Hello visitor, welcome to the Endgame
Hollow citizen, canary in a coalmine
I'm no prisoner, I'm heretic and hostage
Denied and dissident, I didn"t get the message

Look around, there's so much intrigue to be found
Winding down, a carnival that's leaving town
Cold machine, still at last, the ride is done
Come inside, we've got something for everyone

The air of liberty is truly what we long for
Regain your destiny, try not to choose the wrong door
Step up and claim your prize
It seems as though you've earned it
You can't believe your eyes
It seems as though you've burned it

Walk away, or better yet you'd better run
Night and day, each night is born in a dying sun
So it goes, it weaves and turns and twists and bends
So it ends, you'll have to play again my friends

The Bomber Field


Michael Giaquinto

At night I hear them sing
A restless rustle of the Eagle's wings
These birds of prey, they stalk the sky
In the heat of the day, in the blink of an eye

The Dogs of War are falcons that fly
It's a sign of the times and dangerous minds
And warriors live as warriors will
It's a definate thrill and a definite chill

I stand and watch the bombers arrive
Coming to rest and as they dive
They split the sky, they shake the ground
At the touch of a button, at the speed of sound

This part of things is real
The voice of the heavans in steel
A reminder in these nuclear days
You get a lot of muscle for the pennies you pay

Kiss You In Your Sleep


Michael Giaquinto

Here again and here I know
Like the lovers in a picture show
I can simply fade from view
But I can still be watching you

A lullabye, such sweet refrain
Another sound you can't explain
The rain begins, a gentle hiss
My name's the last breath on your lips

Another day, the rays of sun
The creeping fingers of the dawn
Bestir the whisps of morning's haze
And come to rest upon your face

And when the hour is late
And your slumber's sweet
I'll come to kiss you in your sleep

Murder And Love


Michael Giaquinto

Four dead in a Texas town
The hunt goes on as the sun goes down
Madman on a desert road
He's on the loose and the Moon's still low

Dragline on the desert floor
And no one knows who they're looking for
Faint cry an an angry sky
Fireflies in the desert tonight

More dead in a Texas town
The count goes on as the Moon goes down
Sunrise on a shallow grave
Another search in the desert today

Murder and love
Some people do them just for fun



Michael Giaquinto

From the corners of my eyes
Frequently at night
I half see the shadows
Flicker distant future fade
Shadows that man-ancient made

From the corners of my mind
Tired, trying, sigh the signs
Half flash the shadows
Shadows fading flight for sure
Shadows of the times before

Between the corners of our kind
Weaving, wound so tight
Phantom float the shadows
Floating, glowing, Hallow's Eve
Stand the shadows that we leave

Break the corners off our lives
Living not our lies
Standing, watch the shadows
Watching sure the things you do
Things you do that shadow you

A Little Love, A Little Hate


Michael Giaquinto

You turn it off and you turn it on
A little love, a little hate
You can't decide who's side you're on
And after all, it's a little late
To go shopping for an alibi
Or to straighten out your story
With sculpted fingers and painted tips
Discreetly tugging on a hem
And thanks again for dropping by
It's late and you say you're sorry
And every word from your painted lips
Is another facet on the gem

Wintering In Dominica


Michael Giaquinto

Welcome to America!
The Green Lady never mentioned this
The walls are closing in and the streets are paved with shit
It's a jungle on these teeming shores
And it's fired by her gleaming torch

Yo quiero mi oro!
You strike a bargain for your bliss
Mira; you are running from and for the risk
All the saints are in the slaughterhouse
And the asylum let the inmates out

Last call for alchohol!
And the players leave the stage
Your liberty is ancient and your lover's half your age
You're about to strike it big
But it's time to find a paying gig

And I like it just fine
Swinging from vine to vine
Summer splintering in America
So I'm wintering in Dominica



Michael Giaquinto

Long in tooth, but short in brain
No one wants to know this dame
Drives a bus and licks a stamp
Dresses like an aging vamp

Clinton lover all the way
Wants to roll him in the hay!



Michael Giaquinto

You can grasp at a thousand subtleties on the way down
You can consider what the machine might have known
But I have listened to the high language of the secret spies
And itís a long and angry letter signed "Yours in Christ"

Are you alone or are you waiting for someone?
Are you sowing when you know the crop will fail?

Even if you could wean them from the taste of blood
You canít expect mercy from the children of the altar
And what is it that you yourself have come to savor?
Your spirit is willing and your flesh is mysterious

My Own Time


Michael Giaquinto

Maybe it would take all night
But I havenít got a lot to do
I know I need to put things right
I need to make things right for you

Maybe we could take a ride
We could take in a sight or two
You know, I canít believe my eyes
I can not take my eyes off you

We could walk beneath the stars
The stars will follow us around
Youíre all young love and old guitars
My feet can barely touch the ground

Iím on my own
My own time
Iím all alone
On my own time