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Barnesville, GA, US

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Scorn nights


Alysia Giani

A rapists figure
tall and dark haired
running after me
i was so scared

he spilt his seed
while i bled
his smirking grin
i wish he was dead

now it sounds so sweet
while I'm pregnant
from the rapists seed

Miscarriage, unfortunately not
the baby was born
without a single thought
of the night of the scorned



Alysia Giani

My best friend
has a heart of gold
she helps me
when I am feeling low

Her name is Tif
I love her so
when I'm around her
I don't want her to go

my heart feels nothing
it broke in two
she's my crying shoulder
I love who?

I will love her forever
and never let her go
for she is my best friend
for this we know



Alysia Giani

Laying here
thinking of you
what the heck to do

so much to say
too much to do
nothing left
of me and you

More sympathy
more tears
so much depression
and not enough beers

lingering suicide
feeling this way inside
i remember you saying
that you loved me and not to hide

forget you lies
and forget you
but now I remember
how hard that is to do

surrending to your spells
and tied to the bed
you keep on
screwing with my head

you are a loser
and i regret when i say
that i will alwyas love you
to this very day

Missing You


Alysia Giani

Missing you when you're not here
No one to hug or wipe my last tear
No one to praise me and hug me tighht
Through the darkest, coldest night.
Unable to proceed
Unable to fulfill my last dream
Wanting to share my dreams
and plan evil schemes
When you're not here I'm missing you.
I can not find anything to do.
Writing you letters through my darkest day.
Hoping you'll show up and yell out hey.
Confused about our relationship
I really am not used to this shit.
Calling eachother babe and love
Picking eachother up when we are shoved.
Sometimes I wish it never happened
but really I love you and I will say,
I have missed you everyday.

Celestial Bodies


Alysia Giani

A materialized demon
Appears in the night
Apart from your fear
And tranced fright

Celestial bodies
Borne unto one
The past has won

Cornered by a wall
Shot by a trance
Save this last moment
For the last dance

Moments are being wasted
Their lost and their torn
These celestial bodies
Unto us are borne

In the midst of my depression


Alysia Giani

As I lay here in my bed
Drowning in my misery
Thinking about the love I have lost
And why it had to come to this

I understand that he was blind
For the love I had he misunderstood
He thought about the love before me
And returned to her, leaving me nothing to hold
Except for a picture
of us together
How we were happy

OH! How I wish he would return
And make my sky as blue as his eyes
To wipe away the tears he caused
And to make new memories
So I can start over
On my journey to happiness
Without him I am gone
Stuck in a blizzard of misery
To have him, to hold
What a blessing
If only

I had him



Alysia Giani

Roaming the world
Hopeless and free
Carrying the sound of your voice
deep within me
Hearing the words
Pour out of your mouth, dear
The sacred words
I thought I'd never hear

I love you
You're the only one for me dear
I think about you night and day
Waiting for you to be near

Sour Liver


Alysia Giani

Breathing is immposible
When thinking of you is hard to do
And I think that you are the reason for living
And my sour liver is finally decaying
And when all thoughts are left on you
I wonder nnow why it was so hard to do
Cause you were there my dying day
And the last person for me to say bye to
But now I realize my sour liver lives
And for your love it dearly craves
So when you hear me call your name
See that you are the one to blame
And I will remember you when I am deep below
The sour liver that we all know



Alysia Giani

Although my heart is true
My love remains in you
As though it were an illuision
That brought me to this confusion

I sit and stare and know
That the love for you I have shown
Will somehow bring us to this place
And I will finish this battling race

I wonder know why I
Have chosen the losing guy
And when I think of it
It makes me really sick

I can't believe that I
Wonder around in public with a wondering eye
When all I need is you to hold me
I feel as though you're the only one that knows me

And I continue to think of my miserable days
Spent without you, I am in a haze
And when I finally speak to you
I feel as though you miss me too

And I will wait to the darkest hour
to make sure that our love isn't sour
And I will call you over the rest
To show you, I love you best