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Saikat Ghosh


New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Smell's Disclosure


Saikat Ghosh

who is smell?
they answer alike,
outside the choking blur of gunpowder...
outside the regimes of Time.
she is a pleasant memory of senses.
are your noses dead, right now?
while we're dripping, we'll let you know
that memories survive only as
images that escape remembrance in Time.
the life of a nose cannot be recalled
but the nose is always here.
smells don't have pasts
and won't help you know Kashmir before the military came.
but my smell lives,
cradling its own Kashmir,dripping the chinaars
like dew drops on dry-hard crusts.
does gunpowder have a smell?

A Worker's Calculus


Saikat Ghosh

We aren't singing anymore
A breather for this chore,
There's a ruffian police force
Newschannels now sound hoarse,
Will we honda back
The INLD track?

We'll call it Paid Vacation
Or necessary hospitalisation;
How does it matter what
When every phrase is bought,
United, we can stir
Gurgaon's only a metaphor.

The working class is dead
The autumn leaves are shed
Thorny stems remain
In memory and in pain.
In waiting, you have spent
The Winter of Discontent.