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Hazli Ghazali


Kota Bharu, Malaysia

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King of the Dark


Hazli Ghazali

when the light goes out,
evil will shout,
fire will be out,
nothing to talk about,

i'll be the one,
destroying the sun,
neither it will burn,
nor sharpen the blunt,

rise the damn,
demon will stand,
the world is closing in,
i'll be the king.

Madness Of The Devil


Hazli Ghazali

i lived in the black for a long time,
now i'm out here can you see me,
cause i'm out on my own to a place
i'de been to only in my dreams before,
who had summoned me and free me from the darkness,
twisting my mind and bring me to despair,

pay to kill die to lose,
lose your head lose your skull,
know which breath will be your last,
set a prayer on the book of the dead,
let my soul assimilate with your soul,

there are those that deceive me,
there are those that will let me down,
none out there that would die for me,
cause i'm the devil in the hell.

September 11, 2001


Hazli Ghazali

september 11,the world is so small,
falling rain and red roses,
happy kids;cheering lady,
clowning man;joyful crowd,
there's nothing;there's nothing
charlatans;don't be in despair,
no matter how good you are,
cause it has come to an end,
collaps forever;die forever,
let us bring the world together,
living better in peace and harmony.