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Fouad Ghanem


Tripoli, Lebanon

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A Little Bit Of Mine


Fouad Ghanem

Oh I just want to win someone whose worthy of my heart
Ďcause this emptiness is slowly creeping into me, itís tearing me
inside out

The closer I get, the farther I seem to be drifting away
The girl I meet, seems perfect in the beggining, but ends up
driving me insane

This situation is typical for me
I just canít get whome I desire, itís a catastrophe

What I desire is a girl just like you
A look at her makes me forget Iím blue

But youíre in a world of your own
With your high walls and castles of stone

This doesnít make it easy for me to enter
Iím only a small town boy, with my heart as your shelter

I see you shine , I see you laugh, I see you smile
I see you try, I see you cry, and I see the pain hidden in your

I see you, and I beg for a chance
I see you, and I hope for romance

Iíll give you love, commitment, and devotion
If thatís not enough, well, Iím out in the ocean

How can you be so near, yet not see?
How can you not feel what I feel?
How can you not see what might be?

So donít you hold back, just fly, high in the sky
hearts are to be taken, you could use a little bit of mine

Reality Bites


Fouad Ghanem

So did you think I'll just give you up and cry
did you think my life has ended, or my days will be endless nights

Baby, if only you knew how I feel inside
I'm all restless, disapointed, and lost without my pride

The promises you swore to me, have turned into fucking lies
Your greeting kisses, have now become, sorry goodbyes

I know I should've been weary, but that wasn't my style
My sorrow can't be more, and it doesn't seem to subside

Now without you I'm all alone, left with no one by my side
But I should deal with this life, you see, I was born to survive

Sometimes I wish that I had never met you, or if I could just forget everything, and die
But that's me being wishfull, oh well, better luck next time

I wonder if I had followed my brain, would I still have kept my pride
But then the wounds ache, reminding me of my fate, and how much reality bites

A Prince


Fouad Ghanem

Here I am doing this again
Griping, and grouching about my grievous pain

My situation is plain and simple
I'm an affluent man, that suddenly turned invisible

Now don't get me wrong here
I am only invisible to you, not to my peers

I see you... I look, and I stare
I cross your path...I cut you off...No avail

I am invisible to you
It's so very true

Give me a chance
I will prove my romance

But then again, how can you?
I'm invisible! You don't have a clue

So, I have decided to write you instead
But, I don't know, what I write, would be read

I have an idea, as stupid as it may be
I will just wait for you eternally

But, that's not fair for you or me
I have so much to give, from now until eternity

I have exhausted all the alleys, roads, and avenues
I have no where to go, and I feel so blue

I know you don't mean to be cruel
I am invisible! So, you can't take me as a fool

This is frustrating though, I have lost all control
don't know where to go, I have no goal

My problem is that, I think of you night and day
At work, at the movies, and even when I pray

I used to feel things inside
Now, I haven't a clue, where they reside

I have decided to give this to your friend
But then again, she could misinterpret, and I'll be dead

The time I have waited wont be lost
I will become visible to you, and be my own boss

I will deliver it by hand
you will read it, and it's like a magic wand

I will deliver it, and I wont miss
It would be like a magic kiss
A frog that turned into a prince

The End


Fouad Ghanem

OíShannon, it doesnít matter where you are
You know youíll always be, my guiding star

In times like these, I need you to ease
The pain and grief, seems like they never cease

I hope you will, OH! I know you will, come to my aid
If not today, well ok, but please, donít be late

Forgive me not calling on you before
My life is a shambles; everything I worked for...
Yearned for..., has been washed ashore

Iíve never come to a state like this
OíShannon, Iím definitely in the abyss

I could blame it on my family
I could blame it on this country
But most, I think, the blame is on me

I should have left when I could
Not now, when Iím stranded in the woods

Shannon, it doesnít matter how hard I try
Seems like, the love I feel, will never die, but why?

Have I tried to forget you; everyday and everynight
That at least, I surely canít deny

I canít stand it your so far
It made me step on my heart

And I did, well at least, I thought I did
Yeah right, who was I trying to kid

Shannon, Iíve come to this, my final bid...

You make it all go away
You make my ship come at bay

Tell me, that you hate me
Tell me, you replaced me
Or tell me, how I always shit out of luck
Tell me, how could I be, such a stupid fuck

Just tell me anything, to make it all go away
Just tell me anything, To my ship come at bay

Shannon, wont you please, let me go free
Let me out, from your penitentiary

It doesnít matter what I do
Iíll never love any one, as I once loved you

And Shannon, Iím never going to fall in love again
Ďcause, itís too much pain
Especially, if I happen to witness the end

In Disguise


Fouad Ghanem

Oh Nada, I've been wanting to say this for sometime
I hope this will make me sleep, my sleepless nights

'cause distant worship just wont get me near
God knows, how hard I tried, to overcome my fears

I wish I had the courage to tell you
how everything I do, I do because of you
Nada, my whole existence, depends on you

But it seems, that I will be living a fantasy
Of you and me loving each other eternaly
Nada, fantacies like dreams don't last, I'll have to face reality

Nada, I'll sum my courage someday
If I succeed, I'll have the world to gain

But if I should fail; then,
I'll think of you from the moment I rise
I'll think of you, I'll think of your eyes
I'll think of you, I'll think of paradise
I'll think of you, oh, I'll just fantasize

Oh Nada, if you could only realize
How painfull love can be, especialy in disguise...

Darkest Days


Fouad Ghanem

Darkest days I've passed, mourning ailments I've surpassed
But my greatest fear has been grasped, it seems that I've been clasped

You've made me choose between life and you
I chose life, but your grip becomes more secure

I forget about you, only to discover you in my soul
My dying love, for you, only seems to grow

How can I love someone I don't even know?
Never met you, only in my fantasies, and no more

You never notice me, you never look at me, or wonder why I am alone
How can you hang up on me, when I tried to reach you, by the phone

Well, it's my fate to forever wait
For a chance to meet you, to relate

Open your eyes and see, what you've made of me
I'm hooked on you, OH! I'll profess to be free

All I see is darkness and a shit for luck
Can it be pay back time, I hope it's not

The purpose of my existence now I realise
Is to worship God, and you... I idolise

I have decided to let you walk away
Since this moment, I've condemned myself insane

I have decided to let you go free
And to adopt a hardened philosophy

But it seems, I'm abusing no one except me
I try to forget you, only to make you part of me

Don't know what to do, I certainly tried everything to no avail
If you keep ignoring me, well my "love", OH!!! It wont abate

I just want to return to the strong and secure part of me
I don't know how I can do it, but I remember it vividly

The person that used to be me
Has suddenly left this life eternally

As hard as this is on me, one has to struggle to remain free
My love for you isn't ordinary, baby, I thought you were my destiny