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Theodore John Geurds


Winnipeg, MA, CA

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The Forks


Theodore John Geurds

Winnipeg's site where two rivers meet
History abounds on these lands
The place where people go to greet
Past gathering grounds of native bands

The waters of two rivers flow together
Like mingling of cultures today
Land covered with buildings ever thicker
Both historic and commercial they dismay

Development has overcome the land
No longer nature's place to enjoy
Hustle and bustle reigns free hand
Sounds and activities begin to annoy

Humans must curb their hunger to destroy
The beautiful land that nature created
Actions most people do not enjoy
Must cease and desist unabated

All those Years


Theodore John Geurds

Reflecting back in time to my youth
I reminisce about those early years
Thinking about make believe and truth
And all the circumstances of my fears

Alone during that time of early living
Days were filled with imaginary things
No close playmates were my misgiving
A life of not needing anyone it brings

Progressing throughout my life and time
Experiences create a feeling of desolation
Earning a living is still an uphill climb
When work should no longer be a fixation

What the future holds is anyones guess
What path do I take is the question
Life is like moving in a game of chess
While crossing the board with discretion