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James P Geskie Jr


Glasco, NY, US

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The Rocking Chair


James P Geskie Jr

There in a quiet lonely corner,
Bedtime stories told,
Echoed whispers, I love you mold,
Hugs and kisses warm.

Back and forth with you I swayed,
Fallen in your arms asleep,
Dreams of you I'd love to be,
You say be not afraid.

Nighttime, bedtime, broken tears,
Empty rocking chair to see,
Though not here, always near,
Daddy come home please.

The Wall of Silence


James P Geskie Jr

Ghosts of silence,
Mourning light,
Shadows of the past,
Time of fire, wind and rain,
Hearts of deep and darkened pain.

Distant thunder closing in,
Sounds familiar heard,
The flash that echoes,
Staring deeply,
Ever lurks inside.

Silent fallen, fold in prayer,
Father Mercy Be,
A soft hand touching,
Knelt beside,
With you I am, be still.

The Distant Cry


James P Geskie Jr

She sits in shadowed loneliness,
Passing white and gray,
A flower withers,
The music fades,
Giveth and taketh away.

The echo pierces from a far,
It whispers in the wind,
A sigh of sadness,
Fallen pieces,
Hear the Distant Cry.